Friday, June 15, 2012

A communte from Hell.....

Well Darklings,

I arrived early to work this morning, and now I have a break.

Yesterday was the communte from Hell....

a horrible fire broke out in the wee hours of the morning destroying a senior center citizens complex that was being built, no one hurt thank goodness, but the fire was so intense that it managed to damage important electrical connections for our rail transport system called BART.

So BART was out of commission, and the impact on the freeways was horrendous, if nothing else it demonstrated how important that mode of transportation really takes the impact off of the freeways.

I was thinking of taking the Bus, but a neighbor of mine said he was going to work down near the Ferry terminal on our side of the Bay and gave me a lift.

Taking the Ferry was such a pleasure although crowded with extra passengers, but still very delightful.

From the Terminal on the San Francisco side I was able to find a trolly to take me close to my BART stop and everything was what passed for normal with the exception of some of our staff being late because of the traffic congestion.

Going home I decided to take the Ferry and bus. But if nothing else I decided that it would not be bad to plan an alternate means of getting to work and home should this happen again.

I took the Ferry this morning and found it a relaxing way to get to work, such a pleasure to see the City coming closer as we plowed through the Bay waters.

And things slowly getting back to what passes for normal around here.

So Darklings for an elder Goth there are somethings that can still be a pleasure even if it is in daylight....I might look into those Ferry dinning cruises that I see being offered in the sounds like a very romantic way to dine.

Later Darklings

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