Friday, December 19, 2014

Of Rain drops being gushers~~~~~

Hello Darklings,

Oh I am tired this afternoon.

Good thing the meat loaf was already made and just needs to be put into the oven.   Well I was up early this morning and decided that its a "Meat Loaf" type of day, with sour dough French bread, real butter, a crisp salad, mixed veggies of corn, carrots, peas and string beans, mash potatoes.

So I made the meat loaf, refrigerated it and saw that I needed more salad fixings and French bread.  Sis came over for coffee as I put together a simple list, and announced "I still need to get my flu shot!"  Oh Dear I thought, she is going to be down for the count over the weekend, flu shots do that to her. 

And she brought over two plastic bags of things to donate to the charity shop, "I don't want to go to the Kaiser Clinic in Oakland" she said "I want to go to the one in Alameda, then I can drop off these things"  well that works for me we could go to the Trader Joe's there as well.  

But by the time we left we knew that the Flu shot clinic would be closed until the afternoon, so we grabbed lunch, went to Trader Joe's, then the clinic,  afterwards we'd stop at the charity shop. 

I think my sister is getting a bit fussy of late, once she got her shot she asked for a lollipop, no we don't give lollipops "Well" she said "If I'm going to be poked and prodded and get a painful needle in my shoulder, I want a lollipop!"   I realized she was teasing the nurse, sweet young thing that she was, but to save the young dear from further confusion I said "Come along sister dear, I'll buy you a lollipop"  and out into the rain we went. 

When we got into  the car I turned to her and said "You just Had to give her trouble didn't you."  and she smiled and replied "Once we get to a certain age we should be humored, we've earned it."   And I'm her older sister.  I remarked "You're getting as bad as me."  "Why not" she said "I've learned from the best"  and I saw she had a smile on her face. 

We finally turned onto the street that had the charity shops and I looked ahead at the rain clouded sky and was puzzled by such a high plume of what I thought was smoke, even Sis mentioned it.  Then it dawned on my that wasn't smoke, smoke just drifts, this was falling down, this was a high plume of water shooting at least 20 feet up!

I was able to park the car and we carried the bags into the shop and I mentioned about the water and the clerk there said that a car or some sheared off a water hydrant,  Lovely I thought, and then we saw police cars going by and a fire truck, evidently it just happened and someone called it in.

We stood underneath the store's overhang and watched a little bit while police directed traffic and the firemen dealt with the hydrant, but it appeared to be completely sheared off, what a waste of water I thought, even though it was raining, still it was a waste of water.

Then Sis tugged at my coat sleeve and pointed out some Christmas ornaments she saw through the store window, I realized that they were old and matched perfectly the one's that were on the family parlor tree, there were a half dozen of them,  so we went back in and I immediately selected them and looked for more that were like that but that was all there was of that style. 

So besides having a bit of excitement I found some lovely vintage Christmas ornaments as well, and now they are on the family tree and Sis resting in the parlor on the couch curled up with a blanket for warmth with Belladonna and Weiner Dog doing guard dog duty on the couch while she naps. 

I'll pop the meat loaf into the oven in a half hour, on a day like today comfort food is what is needed.

Later Darklings

One thing I've discovered over the years is that Santa Claus comes in all shapes and sizes, and there's always a bit of Santa in each of us.

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