Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Of Christmas Lights~~~~

Hello My Darklings,

Just a short post.

Yesterday after making sure things were secured as much as possible, I even put heavy tarps (well Brian did, I don't climb ladders the way I use to) on the roof of my green house since it has glass panes.  And he nailed it down to the wood frames.

My brother and his family came by to swoop me up and we went to see the Zoo Lights, riding the zoo train and such, it was nice to be bundled up against the cold.  My nephew was even wearing his "news boy" hat to keep his head warm.

Monica told me that he's started wearing it to school, says it keeps his head warm while walking, but it puts it in his back pack to prevent the other boys from snatching if off his head, just as he arrives at school.

The children did most of their home work before they came over, then afterwards we went to a local Christmas Tree Lane and enjoyed the displays there.  Finally returning to my home, where the children completed their homework around the dinning room table, followed by fresh baked cookies, courtesy of my Sister and hot chocolate. 

My brother said that he wanted to take in the lights before the heavy storm hits, "Gonna be a lot of damaged home displays." he remarked.

As we settled into the family parlor we chatted about our holiday plans, when Chris remarked "Going to school makes it hard to enjoy all the holiday events that's out there."   So I said that's why it's best to pick and chose, rotate the events around each year. "But not the Dickens Faire!" he exclaimed, much to both mine and his parents surprise so I said "Never the Dickens' Faire."  and he settled back contentedly with a 2nd cup of hot chocolate.

My brother said that he had battery lamps ready just in case and with having a gas stove no need to worry about cooking.  The twins were saying how they hope it storms and blows things down and such and Sis said "You would not be saying that if you were in the middle of a hurricane like I was." and she proceeded to tell them of her adventures when she was in Florida on a business trip and what happened.  Seeing the children's' eyes get big amused me, and Coralline said "Auntie you could have been killed!"  Sis said "Right I could of been and if I have to go to Florida again I'll choose a different time of year."

After a while we saw the eyes droop on the children so we said our goodbye's until the weekend.  But before Sis left I asked her "Was that hurricane all that bad?  You never said it was." and she replied "I didn't want to upset you, you would have told Mother and she'd demand I come home!"  and she would have too.

Later Darklings

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