Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Of Merry Christmas 2014!!!~~~~

Hello My Darklings,

I have not been posting much, but that's because I've been putting in the final touches for the Christmas holidays!

We're having the Christmas dinner here at my home tomorrow, with my O'Keffe and Merritt Stove doing "yeoman" duty cooking the turkey.

A lot of it will be pot luck but fortunately all co-ordinated, so that it's not all salads or desserts.

The old refrigerator is chilling the sparkling cider and soft drinks, Doyle has selected the wines, the house is sparkling and decorated for the Holiday fun, Christmas movies have been selected and ready to play in the downstairs spare bedroom, for the children to watch in case they are bored with the adults talking, I do have games for them to play as well.

But it's more than just it being Christmas, it's a time to celebrate being family and friends, being there for each other in good times and in bad.  

Both my sister and Doyle are going to call family members today, to their children and grandchildren,  I will be alone this coming weekend as they both travel to see them.  But not really alone, just glad for the feeling of happiness that seems to be filling this house, and which I hope invades other houses as well.

It's not a happy time for those with family members overseas, or in hospitals, or those who are displaced or homeless, that is why I and Doyle and Sis made extra efforts to donate to those charities that will be helping those in need, it really is something that should be done year round, but most importantly during the holidays.

Christmas always come here in the Northern hemisphere when the days are short and the nights are long, when fear of the darkness is at its worse. In the Southern Hemispheres its at Mid-Summer so strange really, but this is the time to drive back the Darkness and bring in light of reason, truth, compassion and love into the world.

Tonight we'll be going to midnight mass and during this darkest, coldest time we will remember the light that was brought into the world.

MERRY CHRISTMAS Dear Darklings and may all your Christmas Wishes come true.

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