Thursday, December 18, 2014

Of "Decking the Halls and fa la la la la"~~~~

Hello Darklings,

Well things have taken an interesting turn, a least for me, I was called in to fill in for two days, because someone was out with the flu. 

It's rough one this year as I understand it, and no one can really afford to be sick,  I'm glad I got my flu shot, and the other shots that an elder Goth is suppose to have.

Sticking a needle here and there, I almost felt like a pin cushion! 

But my co-workers were happy to see me they are planning a Christmas Party tomorrow so I will drop in and most likely take the public transportation to get there. 

The family came over Monday afternoon and evening, to decorate the trees, the children had to first finish their homework assignments before helping out, but the teachers seem to be easing off a bit, since their school will be letting out soon.

I had to keep the twins away from the irreplaceable antique ornaments, the plain ones  that I can buy at Wal-Mart or Target were fine, they seem to think they can toss it on the tree but my brother put a stop to that, and grounded them for an hour with more homework, saying "It doesn't hurt to be ahead of your assignments"  needless to say they were not happy.

I had Chris and Coralline work on the Family Parlor tree, while the adults worked on the taller one in the formal parlor.   With Sis, their Mother and I rotating between the two,  finally in the end we let the twins toss the tinsel onto the trees, needless to say lighted by just the tree lights they are a glorious sight! 

And everyone was hungry as well, it seems that tree decorating can build up an appetite,  I microwaved plain popcorn so the children could string them up onto the family tree, but I think half of it went into their tummies or fell on the floor for Belladonna and Weiner Dog to eat and sometimes cough up.

 But that is typical, I remember when I and my siblings would do the same thing and Mom always made sure there was more "Jiffy Pop" available---I mean how many of you remember those pans that had the foil that would blow up like a balloon while the popcorn popped,  it seems almost magical to me.

After most of the fun and silliness was over, I had the boys play a board game they were familiar with, which got most of their excess energy out (mostly for the twins) while Coralline preferred to play with the dogs, in a mild game of "chase the ball".

I did ask Monica if she had the twins tested for hyper-activity and she said she did and was advised to reduce as much as possible their sugar intake, and they were much better.  Maybe I'm getting old, but even she said they were still bouncing balls and thought that maybe getting them involved in more sports or something to work it off would be helpful, she didn't want them in football and baseball would be too tame so it was suggested basketball, it's indoors, can be played year round a lot of running and team building.  I said that's fine for the school year but what about holidays and summer, she and my brother were looking at a local boys club for that as well at the Parks and Recreation dept. offerings. 

Chris seems to like track and field, and he and his Dad do jogging, not too intensely but enough to burn off calories.

Monica told me that they are going back to visit the house they are buying, well really the elderly lady who is currently living there.   It seems she wants one last Christmas and New Years in her home before moving.   "She wants to finish the old year in her home and start the new year in her son's house but she also wants to tell us about each room, I'm going to record what she says, and take notes, I want to be able to capture the history of the house as well."  I thought that was an excellent idea. 

I asked about the furniture in the house and Monica said "that's the odd thing, all she wants to take is just her bedroom furniture and her dishware and silverware, a lot of it is very expensive and I guess she wants her son to have that, but he said he didn't want the furniture and it really goes with the house"  I asked if that was going to be extra and Monica said that from what is understood it is part of the price of the house, the son said it saves the cost of moving.

Which leaves Monica with the question of her furniture and I asked about that and she gave me the "eye".   "What furniture? After 4 children, 3 of them boys, I'm surprised anything has survived, but it will be different in the 'new' house"   The basement will be designated the Play area and Man cave, and will be strictly enforced "Including your brother he's just as much to blame" she said.

And I laughed out loud when she said that.  My brother looked sheepishly at me and said "Well you know the rules 'If Mama ain't happy nobody's happy' "   and I said to him "Well it went further ---If Mama ain't happy, nobody's happy and if Grandma ain't happy RUN!!" 

And I reminded him of the mischief that he and our late older brother got into and Grandma swatting them with her broom,  it took a long time to get that purple paint removed and covered.  That's one story I'm not going to get into, but Grandma never liked the color purple for a room ever again.

Of course the children had to hear it, nothing like hearing about their Dad getting into trouble, but their Mother sternly warned them that it is not an excuse to get into trouble.

Oh if I relayed all the scrapes we as children got into it would take a very long year to tell.  We were not bad but we did get into mischief.

I think that is why I like the movie "A Christmas Story", so much of it I can relate to.

But today I'm home, having run a load of laundry, with two more to do, Sis and I will go grocery shopping tonight, after dinner, Doyle said he'd drive us in the van.

So I'm going to check the slow cooker for the beef stew that is slowly being done.

Later Darklings

It was a lot of fun, but we ran out of cobwebs.
Of course there is always one family member that has to make sure its perfect.

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