Monday, December 15, 2014

Of Christmas Cheer and other things~~~

Dear Darklings!

"Deck us all in Boston Charlie,
Walla Walla Wash and Kalamazoo.

Nora's freezin' on the Trolly,
Swaller Dollar Cauliflower Alligaroo!"

And if you don't know those Christmas Carol lines from "Pogo" then I'm getting pretty old.

No Darklings I'm just catching up from the whirlwind of holiday fun we have been having and more to go.

While we were out yesterday at the Dickens' Faire yesterday, Doyle being the wonderful sneaky man that he is, bought the two cut trees that was needed for the formal parlor and the family parlor, and proceeded (with Brian's help) to put them up, and then get and untangle the lights that we put on the trees, as well as bring down the ornaments that we use.

We've been taking our time putting up the lights, well really I have, I managed the family parlor tree,  Doyle was called into work but he'll be home in time to help out with the formal parlor tree, then slowly bit by bit I've been putting the ornaments on the family tree. 

My team of "Merry Maids" saw the trees and I said "Just vacuum the needles and do the bathrooms, and the main hall.  Everything else can be done the next time"  One of my "maids" finished and then helped me unpack and dust the manger scene, remarking how old it is, and she's right, it was my great Aunt's, Mom and Dad's went to my brother and he carefully has it on display in his home, none of the children do a "Mr. Bean" with the manger display.  Not even the twins upon penalty of dismemberment.

I'd love to go into the fun we had this last weekend at the Dickens' Faire but it would be a lot to tell, needless to say Chris and Coralline had a lot of fun, my sister-in-law felt a bit overwhelmed but happy, I don't need to tell you how Sis and I felt.

I was concerned about getting home both nights taking into account what the protestors were doing, but with Doyle on speaker he was able to guide us pass any problems. 

Tonight they will be coming over for dinner and decorating these two trees, I'm afraid it will be our old standby---Chinese, but I know they won't mind, not with pie and ice cream for dessert.

But if they haven't finished any homework they will have to do that first and then help out. 

From the Stromageddon we managed to weather it just fine, some tree branches broke in my yard but no damaged, however a city tree just down the street broke in two, managing to miss cars and houses but making a mess of a neighbors front lawn.

We were without power for some time but with the fireplaces working and the oil lamps working we did just fine, gas stove for cooking and hot water for washing,  a low power generator to keep the refrigerator and freezer going,  and the greenhouse avoided damage, so with battery operated radio for music, Sis and Brian joined us and we played board games and chatted about things.  The next evening I talked to Coralline on the phone and she told me how they did with the Twins being the usual mischief makers, good thing their grandma was able to keep them for a while.

So tonight I'll get more of an update on the progress on getting the "new" home, I know they will be happy with the move.

And now I have to go back and continue to sort things out for tonight.

Later Darklings

Mom use to make this---sis is going to.

One year when we were little our folks didn't have enough money for store bought ornaments so us children decorated the tree  like this,  it is a great way to display your Holiday cards. Sorry that is not Sis and me.

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