Monday, April 28, 2014

Of plans going astray~~~~

Hello My Darklings,

Well this will be a short post, for all my planning it came to nothing.

I came down with a serious "what the heck it was that I didn't even know".  It seems that I was afflicted by the same "bug" that most of the staff at work got the week before.

I had headaches that were so bad the teeth in my upper jaw ached, my sinuses were running so bad that I went through a half dozen boxes of Kleenex until I could get some Dayquil, which helped, my stomach didn't want to keep anything down, ran a fever, and it felt, every time I tried to walk to the bathroom, that an elephant was sitting on my back.

Doyle said I looked like "Death warmed over", not a pretty sight, Sis kept asking me how I was feeling and I kept replying "Did anyone get the license number of that 18 wheel rig that ran over me?"----I felt so bad.

Finally the fever broke, I began to feel better, sinuses are more manageable, but I still feel tired.

I talked to my Boss and he agreed to shift my vacation to sick leave, something that he doesn't do very often but he didn't think I should lose my vacation after all the overtime I put in to cover everyone else,  only to get sick.

I'm on my lunch right now, but at least Doyle will pick me up at the end of my day, I just could not face taking public transportation home.

Sis will cook dinner and Doyle will pamper me, but I know in a few days I'll have to pull my own weight as well.

There is talk by the weather man that things maybe heating up this week, frankly I could use a dose of warm weather to get the general ache out of my bones. 

Sis watched on T.V. at her house the Canonization of the two Popes, and although I know each has their critics, that some feel that John-Paul II didn't do enough, I feel that he did go as far as he could go, now with Pope Francis I hope that he can take it further especially about the shame of those pedophile priests----we are in a new age, a new thought process, a new focus.   I am hopeful.

Now I'm going to the staff room to heat up some Won-Ton Soup.

Later Darklings  

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