Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Of the Heat!!! The Unseasonable Heat!! ~~~~~~

Well Darklings,

We are having a blast of a heat wave, which I fear will give an indication of what we might get for Summer.

Thank goodness I wore light weight clothing, otherwise I'd be melting like the Wicked Witch without the bucket of water being tossed, although I might welcome it. 

Even the thermostat here at work is not sure what its suppose to be temperature-wise, so I dragged out my mini-fan to help circulate the air.  Ice herbal tea is the drink of choice today but someone made lavender lemonade and managed to bring in several large jugs of it, heavily iced.  Delicious!!!

But this heat wave is threatening to remain for at least a few more days, we're somewhere in the 90's right now, at least it feels like that.

My sinuses are doing better thank goodness and whatever bug that hit me seems to be gone.

Doyle called me at work and informed me that he installed the "Magic Mesh", alright Darklings I'll explain.  We have a heavy screen door on the back door of the house, but Belladonna and Weiner Dog insist on going out and going in and going out and going in, it got to be ridiculous doing that when we were at home.

Well Doyle happen to see a commercial on T.V. about this lightweight mesh screed that opens and closes using magnet's, if your hands are full you don't have to struggle and it keeps the flying bugs out, and if the Dogs want to do their in and out dance we don't have to deal with the screen door.

Doyle said it works, no sooner than he got it up then the dogs immediately got the idea and dashed out and dashed in, and out and in and out and in---Doyle thinks they are having a game with the magnets because the magnets do a clicking sound.  Now when one of them has a chew toy or a ball and the other wants it they can run around the house and outside and back into the house and whatever their little hearts want. 

Although one of them, Belladonna,  slipped and fell into the ornamental pond, and Doyle had to give Belladonna an unplanned bath.  Oh the indignity of it all!!  She was not pleased.

At least Doyle has a few days off, but I am going to miss him at the end of this month,  he's going back east to see his Grandson get married, his Grandson has done two tours of duty in the middle East and has been home for almost a year and has ask his girl friend of many years to marry him, it will be a simple wedding,  she's 4 month's along, he just wants her to be secure.  Doyle is happy for them and I'm happy for him.

I'll be unable to go, although I would have liked to but the timing is not right, I won't be able to reschedule my vacation until late June, I'm going to miss him but fortunately I can make arrangements to do things.

Right now I'm looking forward to seeing both the old Godzilla movie that will be playing in a local theatre and the New one to compare it with.  Yes Darklings Godzilla is a secret indulgence, but this time the old one will be as it was originally released, not the Raymond Burr version, so we'll get to see it as originally scripted. 

And now I have to sign off, I'm on my break and have to work until 6 tonight---we had a heavy case load and at least I'll be caught up.  Doyle said we'll have Chinese---too hot to cook, I'm all for that.

Later Darklings

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  1. Hello again! It was 91 degrees over here in Hayward yesterday, and is supposed to be as hot or hotter today. Thank goodness for air-conditioned office buildings! But my husband said it is supposed to drop by almost 20 degrees on Saturday!! I think Mother Nature is developing dementia or something...