Friday, April 18, 2014

Of Easter, Blood Moons and exhausted!!~~~~~

Hello Darklings!

I am SO glad that I am taking next week off for vacation, frankly my Dears I need it!

Well I shouldn't be so bad about it, but things at work have been a bit crazy, people out ill with allergies, Easter Break so spending time with their children, and one of my co-workers being in a car accident, not too bad but has a broken leg and cracked ribs, so it is obvious we are short handed, long hours, working late, shouldn't be working so late, and Doyle being so lovely picking me up and driving us home.

I was seriously tempted to stay for a few days at a near by hotel but they are charging Holiday rates, no, no I'm not getting caught in that trap, cheaper to pay for gas.

But next week a number of people will be back, so there will be a certain amount of sanity.  But I do think that last Monday night's blood moon might have affected some people.  Doyle came to pick me up and was waiting for me,  we had only a quarter of a block to walk to his car, when suddenly a naked man came running up to us, only wearing a smile and tennis shoes.

He was dancing back and forth mostly in front of me, and Doyle was ready to belt him one but instead I pointed at the man's pitiful wanger, laughed at him and said "Is that all you've got?" and proceeded to walked passed him as the smile on his face and his wanger fell. 

Doyle still wanted to belt him one but I reminded him that it wasn't worth going to jail for punching out idiots, took his hand and made him walk to the car, leaving the naked fellow just standing there.

As we settled into the car I remarked "I hope he doesn't catch a cold",  Doyle just gave me a look, and then laughed as we drove through the night lit streets of San Francisco,  across the bridge and I looked at the skeletal remains of the old bridge highlighted by the rising almost full moon.  As I looked at the metal work of that old work house I found myself sadly nostalgic for the old Beast, and as always,  I mentally said "good night" to it, an old worn out faithful friend.

It was just past midnight when we got home and I looked up at the moon as it was going into eclipse, did I want to stay up late and see this astronomical wonder?  Yes I thought, it would be one of those few times when the time was nearly right, so bundled up with a blanket and with a glass of dark red wine, I sipped and watched.   Doyle decided to stay up with me and we used the moment to quietly talk about things, Wiener Dog and Belladonna were curled up in their daytime nap beds in the kitchen, they thought humans staying out side in the chill when there were nice warm beds inside, were being silly. 

Then the Moon was in full eclipse, turning a copper color red of dried blood. How wondrous I thought, how mystical, how Gothic and a bit evil, I was almost tempted to howl but stopped as Doyle and I hear softly in the distance dogs doing mournful howls in the near silence, there was something almost agonizing about it, Primitive, primeval.   I heard a soft growl at my feet and there was Weiner and Belladonna, doing low warning growls, and then the mournful sounds stopped, and our dogs stopped growling.

Doyle gave a bit of a shake of his shoulders and said quickly, "Let's go in, lock the door."  The dogs were quick in the lead.  Doyle locked and bolted the kitchen door as I put our glasses in the sink,  then Doyle told me to go upstairs and he would re-check the windows and front door as well as the door that led into the basement, since the basement also had an outside door for convenience.

I did as he told, almost glad to get into the imagined safety of the bed, with both Weiner and Belladonna jointing me, and waited for Doyle.  A few minutes later he entered and assured me that all was secure.  As he turned out the light I asked him "What did you feel?" and he paused and then said "I really don't know but it didn't feel right" then he kissed me and said "Morning will look good".

And I woke up the next morning opening one eyeball to see the nose of Weiner dog in close up checking me out and being reassured when I said "I'm fine, I'm fine".

The good thing is that I could sleep in late and go in later in the morning, last nights' experience during the eclipse seemed un-real, but we did have an eclipse,  as I went out to catch the bus into the City I ran into one of my neighbors who asked me if I too heard the dogs howling, at least it was not mine nor Doyle's imagination.

So with free moments I and Sis have been able to get the house ready, and this morning we did the final bit of shopping for the Easter Dinner and managed to go to Good Friday Services, a period of mourning and to remember those whom have gone on before, now I am relaxing and typing. 

Sis will be back later she had an appointment with a client, Coralline called me last night to tell me she received your card Trisha, she hope you received yours,  she knows of the "Easter Beagle" as her Dad has been teasing her about it, but she hopes you like the Easter Pickle. 

Last night she told me a joke "What happens when you go out and plant Jelly beans in your Garden?"  I told her I wasn't sure and she said "You'll get your hands dirty."  And when you think about it, it is so true.

Doyle pleaded with me if we could skip the umpteenth showing on T.V. the "Ten Commandment's", and I said "Of course, no one can say 'Their God is God' like Yul Brenner, and that is the highlight of the movie, along with the parting of the Red Sea."   But I also said I was not going to watch "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom"   no matter how much my Brother insists that it too is a religious movie. 

And now at this moment, inside and outside the house is quiet, not a bird, not a car, no neighbors calling out to each other, silence, almost expectant silence.  As if something is being anticipated.

Redemption??  Re-Birth?? Renewal??   I don't know, but I feel the need to go out into the garden and wait, I don't have these moments very often, but when they happen I take them and wait to see what will develop.

Later Darklings


  1. I love your stories! I can just see someone planting jellybeans in the garden. Hope you get a relaxing vacation!

    1. Thank you Carrie, I hope my vacation will be relaxing too, but I've learned to never plan, because the unexpected may happen.

      Have a Happy Easter.