Sunday, April 20, 2014

Of Easter Sunday~~~~

Good Morning Darklings!!!

Well I sort of slept in this morning, but for a good reason.

Last night Doyle, Sis and I went to Easter Midnight services, something not done much, we had to hunt for a church that does that, as most people want to go to Sunrise Services.

But I find that there is something very medieval in going to a Midnight Service, the ritual, the awakening, the Priest calling out "Christ is Risen!"  I posted it more at length in an earlier post from a year or two ago. 

But then afterwards to fall back into bed feeling that all will be right with the world sort of feeling. 

But Sis and I while waiting for Doyle to get the car and deal with the traffic jam in the church parking lot, could not help but overhear some people remarking that the first Full Moon after the Spring Equinox, which heralds when is Easter Sunday, was a Blood Moon, and they sounded worried.

Oh no, thought I, not amateur "doom sayers"  Didn't need that.  Still considering the timing it was strange.

But then I shook those thoughts off, as we drove home and into a nice comfortable bed. 

Our Easter Dinner will be in the Early Evening, to allow for what ever plans my Brother has with the Boys.   Coralline and her Mother have shown up, and we are all going to get into Doyle's Van to go to a crowded breakfast at a Coffee Shop that he likes, its a bit out of the way, but they serve wonderful pancakes, designed to hold you all day until dinner.

I am going to be feeling fat after today, but I'll have a week to diet, if need be.  It is a bit over cast and chilly here, but I know that will burn off before noon. 

Dinner really will be easy, a nice Ham to be served,  usually if its just a small gathering I'd be serving Leg of Lamb, but with the Boy's, our elderly neighbor,  my cousin and her friend, Sis's boarder Brian, and a couple of Doyle's friends, Ham seemed to be a better choice, and we can have sandwiches for lunch during the week. 

And when we get back Coralline and her Mom will be helping out with things like getting the table set, and pulling down the large serving items. 

I am so glad for my Stove, it will be able to handle it.

And now Doyle has the Van out front, so to gather my coat and purse and off we go, we're sneaking in Belladonna and Weiner Dog in their carry all's into the Coffee Shop, but I think the owner knows but turns a blind eye---He's a dog lover too.

Happy Easter My Darklings!!



  1. Happy (late) Easter to you! I did, indeed, receive Coralline's card and laughed at the Easter pickle. I think it very sweet of Coralline to sign Belladonna's and Weiner Dog's names to her cards--love that.

    1. Coralline loves playing with the dogs. Her parents don't have any dogs, too much to deal with, with 3 very active boys. But my brother said some day he may get one, long after the boys are out of the house.