Monday, November 12, 2012

Shuuuuu~~~She's still asleep~~~

Dear Darklings,

I'll have to make this one short.   My 10 year old niece has been staying with me since Friday Afternoon.

She's asleep right now, last night we went to the movies to see "Skyfall" and it was so exciting, although a late night for her.  But I'm going to wake her up in a few minutes.

Long story but I'll shorten it,  Doyle is on an intensive assignment and would not be around, not a problem as I was going to do things for this long weekend.   My younger brother and his wife and their boys had sporting events (including going to the 49ner's/Rams game) for the weekend.

My niece who is not into sports set up a howl about being dragged to these things she was not interested in.
And she has homework, quick compromise, she will spend the weekend with her Elder/Elderly Goth Auntie, and the little Batling has been in heaven, at least that is what she is saying.

I've had her since Friday Afternoon when her parents dropped her off at my work when she got out of school.  But not a problem she had a reading/English assignment and was also going to check over her math work.  She's in an advance placement classes so she is working above her age and grade level, something that her brothers are not---they're not dumb but are working at their grade level, but she is out pacing them, and they are into sports which she is not.

The idea of a sports weekend was not sitting very well with her, so Auntie to the rescue and it has been interesting and eye opening for the both of us.   Today is her last day with me, and this evening we will pick up her other Auntie at the airport.

And from what has been happening I think I have a Baby Bat in the making.  I'm smiling at the thought, in some ways I see a lot of "me" in her.

Must go I hear the shower running so I know she is up. 

More to come.

Later Darklings

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