Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Gardens and politics and other things~~~~

Hello Darklings,

Well I decided to bow to a “higher wisdom”.

My two friends who love to garden told me that for the restoration of the original pond in my garden, which currently is empty, it would be best to hire a team of pond experts to work on it and to maintain it for me, as well as installing the smaller pond in my greenhouse, currently the 6 small Koi that are in my temporary pond are doing well, but they really need room.

They recommended Creative Ponds and Gardens, and I’ve called for an appointment.  I really feel better about doing this as I want to get that pond up and running, my friends said that it was no problem to work around it  doing the plantings once the ponds are established.  They were also looking into someone that can help me restore the Greenhouse and add a proper walk way to it from the Main house.  And I trust their judgement.

Of course my friends can’t quite understand why I chose Koi that are nearly all white but I said that the white against a dark back ground will give the ghostly effect that I want, especially under a full moon.  And with that explanation they understood.

We were experiencing rather warm weather for the moment, but the weather man says it will cool down and start to rain this weekend, and although I love the rain and cool weather, I was hoping to start removing some of my more fragile Halloween outdoor decorations, I managed to remove a few of them, the werewolf has been put in storage in the basement carefully covered with a heavy duty garbage bag until next year, although I might bring him out for Christmas and put a Santa Hat and Beard on him.  I am perverse enough to do that.

Voting for the Presidential election is all over, I was seeing people with little stickers on their clothing saying “I Voted”--- Good for them I thought; I sent in my mail in ballot a week ago, and that night there was nothing on the radio and television except for information on the votes coming in along with word of various voting scandals, that part I was looking forward to.  Doyle suggested  we turn on the Television but treat it as a radio while we read our respective books, it was a good idea as I feel that all politics are crooked as the deviousness of the characters on “666 Park Avenue”.

And speaking of that show, I have found it to be a “guilty gothic pleasure”; I do hope it will run for several seasons, but I would not be surprised if people developed some sort of “fan fiction” based on the show.  Even I could see some possible developments. 

A friend of mine gave me an extra bottle of Revlon nail color, in the High speed drying series---it’s a lovely Emerald green titled “Invitation Only”, not as dark as Poison Ivy by Wet and Wild, but lovely; the color will be perfect for the Christmas season or for St. Patrick’s Day, or I might go with a red for the Christmas Holidays.

Now with the Halloween Season over and all the after Halloween Sales are done, I feel a bit flat but all was not lost, I had a chance to pick up a new book to add to my macabre library collection-----The title of the book is “Skulls: An Exploration of Alan Dudley’s Curious Collection” written by Simon Winchester, if nothing else as a dissertation on that part of one’s anatomy that houses the brain and showing the different shapes of over 2,000 skulls including those of extinct animals, I find will be a fascinating study, worthy of a read on a stormy, wet, wind-swept evening.   Winchester is also the author of “The Professor and the Madman” the story of two men who complied the Oxford Dictionary one of them was in a mental institution.

I find that adding books on very bizarre subjects such as Lizzie Borden or Jack the Ripper or the Black Dahlia, vampires, those listed above and other bizarre subjects have made for interesting comments by my friends when they peruse the titles in my Library, such as Mary Roach’s books “Spook: Science Tackles the Afterlife” and “Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers”, I feel that such titles and subjects will always make for interesting reading no matter what the season is.

I’m looking forward to my Sister coming to stay for a while in my home, I’ve heard from her again and she is fine, but things on the East Coast are a shambles and that is putting it very mildly with everyone who has lost homes completely displaced or stranded without heat or food.  I feel helpless except to help out with fund raising.  We took up a collection here at work and I contributed to that as well.

My Sister will be flying in a week before Thanksgiving to avoid the crush of crowds.  I have no idea what we will do for Thanksgiving dinner, we may go out to dinner or our brother may invite us over to his place for dinner or a friend of mine might send out an invite, so far I’ve not heard anything, but frankly that doesn’t bother me, I’ve always looked at the Thanksgiving weekend as a time to rest and relax, and pour through my latest Victorian Trading Company catalogue.   Although dinner at my younger brother’s house can be a bit wild and wooly, with 3 rambunious boys and one very quiet girl of 10, my nephews and niece.

Doyle shows me a bottle of wine as I am typing this, it’s called Apothic Red, I looked up reviews on it, some find it o.k. as a sweet wine for the amateurs, others hate it, says that it’s a blend of Syrah, Zifandel, and Merlot and smells of butterscotch, the reviewer says it’s more of a cocktail wine.  He spotted it on sale for $9.00, so we will try it  tonight and if it’s not good, oh well.  But he says he has a new name for the area where I keep the wines, it will be called and labeled  the “Apotheca” where vintner’s blended and stored wines in a supposedly mysterious place in the 13th century.  He says we’ll call the ‘lumber room or storage room’ the “Cemetery”.  

I found myself laughing at the thought---who says you can’t have fun when Halloween is over.

Later Darklings

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