Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Morning Musings~~~~

Good Morning Darklings,

I came to work early today, taking into account the weather.  Right now I've having a break and my third cup of coffee, the bathroom is going to see a lot of me later.

I woke to the sound of cold rain, and mist and as I rode my public transportation to work felt the winter type chill in the air and an almost Victorian Gothic feeling as my bus went through the streets, wet and slick and the trees either bare of leaves or turning shades of red, orange, yellow and brown, with only a hint of green left before they fall from their branches.

People bundled up against the wind, hunkered down, avoiding the rain from hitting their faces, sometimes gusts of wind so strong it will turn an umbrella inside out, in some cases destroying it,  seeing soggy papers somehow flipping over and around as the winds whip them up.

Cars carelessly sending up oily splashes of water to the unwary, soaking them, and endangering them of catching a nasty cold before the holidays.

Large puddles of water waiting to soak shoes and socks and make feet cold and damp.  The sound of noses sniffling, sneezing, and quiet "sorry" to the public in general.   We cannot really stay at home unless the fever comes and sends us down for the count, and the aftermath as we finally get better but still have that cough, and runny nose.

Soup, wonderful soup, such a good thing for an achy chest, a stuffy head, a raspy throat, or a winter tea made with cammoille, cloves, cinnamon, a hit of lemon, a touch of honey and a hefty splash of whiskey, might as well feel good while you're trying to get better.

Hmmm as a matter of fact I think I will switch to tea for the rest of the day, minus I'm sorry to say, the whiskey, but I'll have some at home.

I'm putting in long hours for the next few days to leave my weekends free as possible.  My Sister and I are making plans for various Christmas Events through out the Bay Area, some we must make reservations for others will be spur of the moment things, but we are doing it with Coralline.

We found out from her parents that all previous Christmas's have been doing things with the boys, or plans around the boys without taking into consideration what Coralline would like.  Monica gave us a list of things her daughter had mentioned in the past but was disappointed in not going to.  And Monica admitted she was not interested in these events.   And she was surprised at the lovely selection of clothes that we purchased for her daughter,  the out-grown clothes will go to charity.

Monica admitted that her daughter is growing up, and is not a baby any more.  My sister said that our niece is still a child in many respects and as she gets older will be flitting from child to teen to child, and then teen to adult and back.  The next 10 years will go very quickly so we must enjoy them while we can.

We did promise not to buy a pony.  

Monica said that Coralline kept talking about how fabulous my house is,  granted she and our brother prefer a modern house nothing old fashion, but my house has made a serious impression on her daughter, in all the years we've been together it was either at my old apartment or at my brother's house, so this Christmas will be at my late Great-Aunt's house and Monica's curiosity is up.

As I look out at the office window down upon the wet windy streets, I feel a certain darkish feeling of joy, the reds and greens are darker and deeper, the gold is not brilliant but burnished with a deep fire, this holiday season is not one of Santa and Snowmen but of Dickens' Christmas Ghosts.   I'm going to have fun this season.

In my next post I will recap what happened last weekend. 

Later Darklings and be sure to drink lots of hot tea for the winter chill

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