Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Ahhhhh****sigh**** Darklings,

We survived the Thanksgiving Holidays, despite disaster, with laughter and dark thoughts, and now to re-cap and bring you up to date my Darklings.

On our Mundane Friday, Coralline found the Pet Cemetery in the farthest back portion of the property; a very adventuress and momentous discovery for the both of us as I was not aware of its existence, having just listed that area to simply be cleaned up, now with this discovery I have another project to enjoy doing.

Our brother and his friend with his truck moved the few pieces of furniture from our Sisters’ storage unit to the house and put them either into place in her rooms or in the upper storage room.  Sis could finally sign off on the rented storage unit and be grateful she no longer has to pay out that money any more, she also claimed her car that was in storage at a garage and has it parked in our driveway off the street. 

Since there is a two car garage in the back of the property that I keep my vintage Buick in, she can put her car in the other bay, and I can put up a canopy to cover my car, although Doyle has suggested that since there is un-used space behind the garage that is not being used for anything we could extend the back of the garage and move his vintage police car from his storage unit into the garage and still have space for another car if need be.   It sounds promising, something I’ll have to look into.

Sis finished updating her work schedule and started putting her things into place and getting her rooms organized while Coralline and I ran errands.

That Friday evening Doyle came home happy, the assignment that he was on came to a happy successful conclusion so there was a little celebration, while Coralline told Doyle about her wonderfully macabre discovery, so much so that both of them went back out in the dark to look at the hidden graves by flashlight.  Doyle’s reaction when he came back in later was to remark “Steven King Lives”.

When Coralline and I were running our errands we discovered that the Kardashian sisters have come out with a holiday line of nail polish, and we saw “nail polish by the yard” being sold, little bottles of different colors in a plastic tube a yard long going for $9.99 at our CVS drug store.  I thought what a wonderful fun gift, which I will cover further in another post.

Saturday of course was the Dickens Faire, which I’ve already told you Darklings about, the upside is now Coralline wants to read Dickens and the Sherlock Holmes stories and Edgar Allen Poe works as well a Jules Vern, I told her that since we had those books in the Library aka “Librarium” she was welcomed to read them here at the house, but Sis and I are thinking about buying Corallines’ own copies for Christmas along with other wonderful things.

Sunday, what fun we had on Sunday, instead of going to Target or Wal-mart we went to JC Pennys to buy Coralline clothes for her wardrobe, my sister and I had a chance to go through what she already had and her Mother admitted that Coralline had outgrown much of what was in her closet, but they didn’t have a chance to go shopping because of the boys sporting events taking up a lot of their time.

So my sister and I solved the problem, and shop we did, we found several dresses for her that had black backgrounds but were softened with a bit of color or ruffles and not baby like at all, jeans and pants in black, tops and blouses and a couple of cardigans for the chilly days, shoes, socks, undergarments, slippers and sleep wear, two coats to keep her warm, and a black beret which she fell in love with, clips for her hair and a cute purse to keep whatever she thought important inside of.

But she wanted another long skirt which no store had in her size, Sis said it would not be a problem to have made (she is clever with sewing).  And she was hoping to find a ruffle Victorian type blouse, no such look but since we know her size we can look for something like that in second hand shops.  And with many of them coming up with Christmas things we may get lucky.

Coralline said she’d like to have a separate wardrobe left at my house of things she’d like to wear around the house, so we did double up on some things that we hung up in her closet at my home.  Sis had fun finding a few things for her grandchild and grandchild to be while we were shopping, but she said she will send gift certificates to her adult children, much easier she said.

We had already talked to my brother and his wife and agreed no gift exchange, but secretly Sis and I will surprise Coralline with a few special things that she is not to tell her brothers.

Are we “corrupting” our niece??  Of course we are, but in our defense, and it was my sister who suggested it, we were really doing a sort of home education for the child.  Instead of being subjected to sports all the time, we were balancing her creative instincts and what we seemed to see is her inclination toward our sort of thinking, but we had to be careful that we didn’t run counter to what our brother and sister in law wanted for her, however so far it seems that harmony reins in their home with this balancing act.

I did tell my sister that we were still in the “honeymoon” phase, it could completely fall apart by the middle of next year, but she, having raised two of her own didn’t think so, since we were only having her for the weekends and the school breaks and as long as she maintained good grades and a positive attitude even if its darkly thinking it could become a very good thing, for all involved.

As I looked at this child who was lying on her stomach on the rug in front of the Victorian fireplace reading my old copy of Grimm’s Fairy Tales with Belladonna snoozing next to her, relaxing before we left to take her home, as the cd of Christmas Harp music played on the cd player that looked like it came out of something from the 1930’s, I could see that my sister was right, and perhaps it was expanding our own world as well.

I could see a bit of my sister and myself in this child, mentally I prepared myself for mud on the carpets, perhaps a stray cat or two, tantrums as she gets older and questions, lots of questions, but my concerns were temporarily dispelled when Coralline looked up from the book and petting the sleeping Belladonna asked “When are we going to buy a spooky Christmas Tree?”

Later Darklings

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