Sunday, November 18, 2012

Cakes, perfumes, nail polish and mattresses~~~Fun along the way~~~~


The last weekend was a lot of fun for me and my Niece that I call ‘Coralline’. But this last work week had shaped up as possibly something different.

Sometimes with the difficulty of the work we do, on our lunch breaks we look for things to make us laugh and sometimes its things that are not quiet appropriate.

Right now we do not want to hear about the FBI and CIA scandal or anything else, it is something that has been going on for a hundred years although I do love the dark side of this scandal, but it can become another boring soap opera or tella novella. The story is so old it becomes a big “yawn”.

One of our staffers is getting married, fortunately a simple wedding, reception to be held in her family’s large home, and food to be pot luck. She borrowed a wedding dress, but is using her Mother’s wedding veil. Groom and best man wearing a nice suit, one maid of honor to wear her best evening dress---I mean Darklings, she is going for economy as much as possible, wedding to take place on Dec 23. Christmas theme of course which the maid of honor is thrilled because it means buying a new evening dress in red, with either a red or white fascinator style hat. The service to be held in church that she booked a year in advance.

She is not freaking out, no Bridezilla here, for which I and other’s are grateful, but she was trying to find a good cake design. So she had been looking on line, for something, but she decided a white cake with red flowers poinsettia style and green leaves and a Mr. and Mrs. Claus as a cake topper, with raspberry filling, simple, easy, not fussy. But she found this web site called Cake Wrecks---we have been laughing so hard at these unintentional disasters, some of them weird, creepy (but then I love creepy), laughable and in appropriate.

So every so often when things get depressing at work, we go to Cake Wrecks for a laugh, check it out, you may even get an idea for a cake for some strange occasion---web site is

And now for something completely different~~~~~

As you know Darklings, I LOVE perfumes and colognes, I had been intrigued by Channel’s latest scent “Coco Noir” but came away feeling a bit disappointed, well the reviews were pretty much the same, a complete disappointment. Even Givenchy’s “Dahlia Noir” was a bit disappointing, but I saved the print ads for them just as souvenirs, but I’m still in love with Elizabeth Taylor’s “Black Pearls” but it’s my understanding that its been pulled off the market, even though the reviews have been fairly favorable.

There is a web site that I have come across where you can purchase many of these scents and also check out what reviews and personal opinions have been published---the web site is, at least you can get multiple opinions and in some cases purchase sample vials, which is excellent if you are on a budget or are unable to get to a department store to purchase a scent that you desire.

I simply am having too much fun adding to my nail polish wardrobe, although I don’t buy all of them, I couldn’t afford it, but I do purchase select intriguing colors.

L’Oreal has come out with their “Electric Fantasy” collection, and of all the color’s in the collection I really love the purple shimmer called “The Mystic’s Future” a rich, royal warm purple with a lovely fantasy shimmer.

Now for those of you younger Darklings the color is also paired with a lipstick called “The Mystic’s Kiss” so if you go clubbing but don’t want to wear black, then go with the purples with black sequins, purple up your lips, eyes and nails, for an ethereal corpse-like effect.

There are other colors in the Electric Fantasy collection but I’ll leave that to other nail critic’s on their opinions.

I have my niece ‘Coralline’ again this weekend, she begged her parents to come here instead of one of her brothers innumerable ball games, and she is being very helpful.

‘Coralline’ wants to get into being a very young Baby Batling, and since she is here for the weekend, that is good because it gives her a chance to get acquainted with her other Auntie while we move my sisters things, boxes and such from storage unit to the house.

I told my niece that since she is going to a private school she has to make concessions about becoming a Baby Batling, but I did present her with an extra bottle of “Spooky Skull” nail shimmer from the Revlon Halloween collection for her helping us move things, which she did very willingly. I managed to purchase a stray bottle that was left over from the promotion a few weeks ago.

With the Sally Hansen nail polish line, I was intrigued with “Midnight in NY” a black shimmer, and the glints of shimmer in some lights appear to be red and gold and in other lights silvery, the shimmer is so fine that it takes 3 coats to bring it out, I love its sophisticated Blackness, so much more refined in my opinion that if it just had a silver shimmer to it.

But on the other end of the spectrum is Sally Hansen’s’ “Hidden Treasures” a incredibly pale pink shimmer of the most palest pink I’ve every come across and it too changes with the light, in some lights the barest hint of pink, in other a pearlized white that reminds one of the most perfect oyster pearl.

I gave my niece a bottle of that color as well. With those two colors she is on her way to Gothicness, at least in a mild way

Doyle has been in and out of the house, he comes home, checks in on me, gives me a quick update without revealing anything sensitive and then has to leave again, well it is something I’m use to, he hopes to make it for Thanksgiving Dinner at my Brother’s house. But sometimes he surprises me, in one corner of my dressing room he’s put up another sign but in keeping with the décor of the room is white with black and gold lettering it happens to be over where I keep my perfume and nail polish collection and is delicate and lovely----the sign says “Apothecarium” which is different from “Apothecia” where I have the wines stored. I think he is having too much fun but I’m not going to discourage him.

Having my sister at home is fun and it’s really very relaxing for the both of us in many ways, with us moving much of her boxes out of storage, Doyle has left me with his van so we can move more boxes and such, and the following weekend after Thanksgiving, my Brother and his brother in-law with his truck, will move the few pieces of furniture that my sister has and she can get her self finally settled into her bedroom.

Fortunately I was already in possession of a bedroom set from my Great-Aunt so it was just getting a mattress for her and also new mattress for another bed for our niece.

My sister is really glad with this idea of having her things and making my home her home base, less stressful and economically better for her. And considering how big the house is, it feels good to have her in it when Doyle is away on assignment.

Since I have 5 bedrooms and 4 ½ baths, my sister is using the two bedrooms that share a bath, that way she can have her own sitting room to have her mini-office set up with her computer and own phone line. She loves hardwired land lines like I do and this way it does not tie up my computer line at all.

There will be times when she has to go out of town for her work, but at least she can feel comfortable knowing she can have mail safely delivered, and a safe place for her car.

With my sister setting up housekeeping in one bed room, I’ve assigned another bedroom to “Coralline”, and with my sister having to buy a new mattress the day after she arrived, I decided to buy a new mattress and box springs as well for the bed “Coralline” will have so we won’t have to share my bed anymore; with my sister being home for now it was easy to have those items delivered, later this afternoon we’re going to Wal-Mart and then Target to see what kind of bed spread and linens they have for both beds, so much better than using the sleeping bags.

My sister told me how the delivery men were re-acting to the house, she can be a little “stinker”, she set up an audio device to project the sound of a lion roaring, so when the men were carrying the first mattress up stairs it went off and they heard that sound, one of the men said “What was that?” and Sis said “Oh that’s just Kitty Kat, he’s hungry, but don’t worry, I’m going to feed him”. (Did I tell you she can be a “stinker”?) After they had delivered the second set, Sis gave them a tip and the audio roar went off again and Sis said “I really better hurry and feed him; he gets so cranky when he’s hungry”.

Sis told me “You should have seen their faces, one of them had that look that says ‘Feet don’ fail me now!!’, I wish I had a video camera.”

My sister does love to do mild practical jokes on occasion, she has a friend of that does mechanical and electrical set ups for haunted houses, and I can see where her mind is going, frankly I’m following along the same lines.

I was glad that new mattress arrived it seems that when “Coralline” has a bad dream she’s a bit of a ‘thrasher’, I’ve already been awaken from a sound sleep several times with her hand smacking my face. I was not aware that she suffers from bad dreams, I did ask her about that and some of them are vivid, it’s possible that the stress of being in an accelerated class can take its toll on a young mind. When she wakes from them she clings to me very frightened and I sooth her saying she’s safe, she relaxes and falls back to sleep, but the next day is apologetic about waking me up so abruptly.

I’ve talked to her Mother about this and at least she is going to see what can be done to help her. Perhaps being in a less stressful classroom situation might help, but we don’t want her mind to be bored either.

“Coralline” had another bad dream last night, I and my sister quickly went to her room to comfort her, and she relaxed and fell asleep, this morning again she apologized for waking us last night because of her nightmare, but I told her how one time when my sister was at a friends house for a sleepover, so Mother and I were watching a scary movie on T.V., it was “The Haunting” with Julie Harris and Claire Bloom, what scared us was not what we saw but what we didn’t see, I was 17 at the time and was so scared I had to sleep with Mother, but I told my niece that the reverse can happen when Mother was so scared from seeing the opening scenes of that Steve McQueen movie “The Blob” that we left the theatre and she had to sleep with me.

My niece laughed at that and relaxed about the whole thing. My sister said she didn’t know that and I told her “Well I didn’t see the reason to mention it” but privately we hope that with our niece being in a good class environment but with less stress will help with her nightmares.

Last night my sister and I had the pleasure of watching our niece dance down the bedroom hall way in her nightgown as she twirled along enjoying her environment with the purple wall paper with the gold pattern designs and touching the individual wall lamps after each twirl, happily humming a tune. My sister said it reminded her of her daughters at that age. I have to confess if it wasn’t for photographs I’d have to wonder if we were ever young.

The burdens of adulthood can be so exhausting at times. But now with the situation with “Coralline” both my sister and I can, in a way, relive the discoveries of becoming Goth. But for children now a days it is so much harder, my sister is going to talk to her children to see what sort of stresses and difficulties children are facing now a days. In many ways I would not envy being a child growing up in today’s world. My sister and I are hoping we can give some protective mechanisms for our niece.

And Hostess Cupcakes is no more, another tradition gone. ***sigh***

Well they are ready to go shopping, and one more trip to the storage unit for today. We do fear that the stores will already be crowded, so it will be take out dinner tonight.

Later Darklings

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