Friday, August 10, 2012

Just Being Lazy~~~

Oh Darklings,

There are times when it pays to be lazy, this was one of those days.

I took the ferry in as early as possible to the city to work, worked till past 12 and then came home.

Oh that doesn't sound like much but once in a while one needs a mental health day, and I had put in for it.

It was mildly warm in my weedy back yard and Belladonna was enjoying her sniffing around and then decided to just laz a bit in the warm sun.  She was so relaxed that it gave me an idea.

I called the Claremount Resort Spa to see if I could get in for their dinner hour and I can,  and I've also booked for spa treatments and a mani-pedi this weekend.

I know it sounds so indulgent, but Darklings, how can you be a "Queen of the Night" if you do not indulge in something even a little hedonistic.

One of my Darkling friends says that her indulgence is to have a mani-pedi, then to go to the See's Candy store and buy a 1 pound box of chocolates and slowly devour them over a weekend---she only does it every 8 to 10 weeks, lots of times she doesn't even finish the box so she'll have one piece of chocolate before retiring for bed, then when the box is empty no more until she goes and gets her next mani-pedi,  the rest of the time she is so good.

Another friend told me that she loves getting a massage, she doesn't do it very often maybe once in 3 or 4 months, but for her it's like being on a short vacation.   Another indulgence is aromatherapy, trying different scents to achieve a perfect mind set.

Another friend of mine goes star watching with some friends of hers,  they pack one of those small tents and folding chairs and bed rolls, they look through their telescopes and she just looks at the sky and has her ear buds on listen to soothing music on her recording device as she views and marvels the night sky,  it's even better when there's a meteor shower.  It during that time she feels one with the night and she tries to bring that feeling into her home.

And for all you night lovers, that is something you may want to consider, finding the perfect place to watch for meteors, away from the ambient city lights,  now don't do it alone, go with some friends, or find a group that does it.  Sit back watch and be one with the night.

Now Darklings,  I'm going to get dressed and go to my personal dinner date.

Consider being lazy Darklings, its a wonderful idea.

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