Friday, August 24, 2012

End of the Week Catch up and ideas....

Hello, Hello My Darklings,

I am so finally glad to be home after a long, long day at my job.  Had to be there at 7 (Oh My God it's to D*&%##  early)  A.M.  Sorry Darklings I do have to self censor, one never knows who is underage viewing this site.

But considering that many under 18 year olds have heard worse, I'm not about to perpetuate any further filthy words---even at work the worse I say is "Fudgesickle!!"   Part of the problem is we have a "born again christian" in our midst who put out a "curse" box and we have to put a coin in for each curse word we say.

Of course she's upset with me because I say "Fudgesickle!!" and she can't fine me  because it's a proper word.   And now the rest of the work force has adopted that as well.  

For instance "Pound Cake",  "Oreos",  "Cupcake",  "Bleep, Bleep",  "Bleeping",  "Fudge, Fudge, Fudge---BROWNIES!!!"     Then we have to ask are they being served?   My favorites are "Applesauce" and really down and dirty but clean  "Kiss my Grits!!"  even better "Osculate my Glutious Maximus!"

We have one co-worker who has learned to curse in Latin...So our Born again Christian isn't getting any coins for her 'curse box' so  she can't donate to her church---which sometimes I think of as the Church of the Airy-Fairy Fluff Bunnies---which is really an insult to Fluffy Bunnies,  especially Bunnicula, my neighbor daughters pet bunny.  I think the little girl is secretly Goth but she hasn't released it yet.

Sorry Darklings, I am being silly, but it is soooo good to be home.  Again our weather is warmishly mild, reminding me of my upcoming vacation---which I am soooo looking forward to.

I am trying to type this but Belladonna my sweet little four legged darling is demanding my attention,  well I'll take her out for a walk in a little bit and then it's "Little Caesars" for her. 

I've had some fun in my search for more information on the Vera West Mystery and found only tiny snippets which I will add to my "Mystery of Vera West" Page hopefully this weekend.

But right now I have received in the mail my huge  (and I do mean HUGE) September 2012 issue of Vogue magazine---the poor postman must get a hernia lugging that magazine it is SO huge,  it is mostly ads but I enjoy it as it shows what the upcoming possible styles are coming out.  And as Elder/Elderly Goths we can pick and choose the best of the best out of the worse---I am glad to see that a lot is leather and corporate looks, all wicked and sleek in its own way. 

So Darklings if you don't subscribe do go out and buy the September issue of Vogue---Frankly Darklings, only the September and March issues are the one's worth getting, you can forget the rest of the year.

And be on the watch for Vanity Fair as well.  

I also received in the mail my complete Autumn issue from Victorian Trading Company and there are some dresses and coats I am dying to purchase,  it will be worth it.

I've talked to my contractor who has been helping me renovate my Great-Aunt's home and it is shaping up nicely.  I told him about my plans for a freezer in the pantry and he made sure that the electrical outlet in there is capable of handling the load.  So I took one day off this week to go with him to shop for one and we found one that is perfect,  an upright so nothing will get buried, with just the right capacity to hold things for two people,  it is also an energy-star saver as well and is just the right size to fit in the spot in the pantry.
He delivered it and set it up so it looks like I'm in business.

Tomorrow I'll have Belladonna stay at the Doggie Day Care and I'll be doing some serious shopping,  one thing my contractor suggested is I buy these large folding crates and cloth coolers, that way anything frozen or refrigerated will stay frozen or cold for a long time, especially if I have a lot of errands.  A very good idea.

I am also going to a nearby Church rummage sale this weekend, and see what they have to offer, one never knows what one will find.

On my lunch break today I ducked into our local CVS drug store and found two nail polish colors marketed under the collective name of "Spoiled"  one color is a deep, deep blood red all ceramic looking, its called "Pick Your Poison",  the other is sort of a dark, dark blackish brown with some faint red sparkle, in a way it reminds me of dried blood, its called "Bite Me!" 

And I think I have found a goth/vamp web site that has things to purchase for your home and just in time for Halloween---I can't WAIT for the "Spirit Store" to open up and see what lovely tacky Halloween goodies they offer.  Well once I have a chance to check out the initial site I'll give you my take on it and post its web site. 

But Darklings, I cannot stress enough what Victorian Trading Company has to offer, including an Absinthe dispenser,  yes the green fairy of liquors. 

Now I must go, Belladonna is making demands upon me and I really want to have some fun during the "Twilight Hours".

Later Darklings

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