Sunday, August 26, 2012

Couldn't do what I wanted to do***sigh***~~~

Well Darklings,

Sometimes fun comes ahead of work and so I didn't do what I was planning to do on my blog.  Yes, Bad, Bad Girl.

Well it all started when I took Belladonna for her walk, I ran into friends told them what I was planning to do Saturday which was fine.   And today---well "Forget about it" is all I can say.

Saturday we got together at my place and in my Vintage 1940's Ford we went to the Farmer's Market, Oh Heaven!  Is all I can say Oh Heaven, lovely fruits and preserves, yum!  Then I dropped them off at their place on my way home, did some more shopping, stocked my pantry, put the Bay leaves on the shelves, and grinned.  

My friends came and picked me up Saturday evening and took me to a "Psychic Party",  sort of a pre-Halloween event,  anyway our hostess introduced us to this medium who then had us do psycometry, for us to read what was in a sealed envelope, to give our impressions.  It was very interesting.

But I was cautious because I've heard of "cold readings" so I made sure that I never said anything personal about me or my family.   There was about 25 of us and then after a bit the medium gave readings for each one of us.   I took special pains to not have my face reveal anything.  But this medium gave me a very personal reading, like what my future life choices are, family members who have passed on. 

I was surprised about the accuracy in her readings---it seems that she lives back east in Cassadega, Florida and was visiting some spiritualist churches around here.   

Of course I didn't get home until late, slept in this morning, went to the church rummage sale and found a lovely piece of garden statuary, it's a good thing I was driving the Civic,  it was heavy.  I'll have my contractor take it out later this week.

But again my friends called me up and invited me over to their house, even came by and picked me up, Belladonna went with me of course, and we spent the afternoon talking about what had transpired the evening before.  I have to say the paranormal and the occult have always interested me.   My friends are also curious as well, and have discovered through their hostess, who is a friend of theirs that there is going to be another "psychic demonstration" next Saturday evening at a Spiritualist Church, so out of curiosity we are going to attend.  

I've been to these events before, and since my "boyfriend" Doyle has done what was commonly called "Bunco" or dealing with "con artists" he's going to be attending as well, although he said that when its sponsored by a Spiritualist Church they tend to be "honest" in their own way, no cons but people who want to believe in life after death. 

So it seems I'll be looking into another "dark side" of life, and that is life after death.  I'll let you know what happens Darklings.


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