Thursday, August 2, 2012

Halloween is coming~~~

Oh Darklings,

Guess what?  Do you know that it’s only 3 months to Halloween??!!  Well really two months if you enjoy celebrating Halloween for the entire month of October, which I do.

I mentioned in an earlier Post about the selections from Victorian Trading Company, now I’ve received my catalog from Grandin Road, and the idea’s for decorating for Halloween and beyond are just too much, including the “Dueling Banjo” Skeletons.

If you are into just having plain old-fashion Halloween fun check out these two web sites and see what is offered.

One other thing is that I have fun finding batty and spidey decorations for windows, tables and lamps, which suits my Halloweeney mood just perfectly. 

For some of you it may seem just too poser, but if you love horror movies or the Munsters or the Addams Family then it will be just right.

So right now even before the school materials are put out start looking for those decorations that you covet. 

I will be posting Grandin Road’s Web site but remember their Halloween things are only for the season.  But still you never will know what will turn up.

Later Darklings

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