Saturday, May 27, 2017

Of the Golden Gate Bridge's Birthday~~~

Hello Darklings,

Well the weather continues to be very cool and breezy, so celebrating in-doors has turned out to be a good thing, some of my friends brought those Beach chairs where you can sit on the ground and still have a back rest and be comfortable.

Not everyone is attending every day, but often enough.

Some of my more artsy friends said they've become a bit inspired by watching the movies, and hope I'll plan another film fest.   I'll have to think about that, it does take time and work.

Today and tomorrow will be the long viewing days, so much to watch, and the cake will arrive tomorrow taking center space on the table.

I found out a few days ago that this weekend is the Golden Gate Bridge's 80th birthday, so Doyle, Sis, Brian and I watching "A View To A Kill" on Monday is a double event, another birthday for a landmark and a personal memorial to Roger Moore.  Doyle invited a couple of his friends over to watch as well,  I just know they will talk about the "Lefty O'Dule" Bridge and the setting fire to City Hall as well as the chase scene with the ladder truck down Market Street.   I just enjoy the entire movie myself.

Yesterday morning I was going through one of my jewelry case's looking for a pin, when I came across something I had not seen in a while, it was my charm bracelets, one had on it my "accomplishments" and "likes"  and the other 2 were loaded with charms from the various places I had visited over the years, looking at each one I remembered the place, time and what I was doing.

I've found when traveling instead of loading up on souvenir cups or spoons or something, that taking photo's and buying a charm was just perfect,  I have 2 "travel" charm bracelet's and I still have charms in a box to add onto a 3rd, I had not realized all the places I've seen or visited until I lifted them out,  well I think I have a little project to do in the evenings. 

I even came across my Mother's charm bracelet that had all her "accomplishments" and "likes"  and it told a story, in a way they all do.   I think I might start a new one.

But now I must go, things to do yet.

Later Darklings


  1. I love your charm bracelet for places you have visited. I can't wear bracelets myself but maybe I will start a charm necklace instead. I will have to research how to put one together with regular charms and not the special bead shaped ones.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Oh I know about those bead one "Pandora" or something, I'm not into that one, but just the other day---before the heat wave struck, I came across one of a roulette wheel and it was a perfect reminder of the first time I gambled in Reno Nevada and it was at the roulette table, got lucky won $50, and called it quits I was ahead.

      But a charm necklace that's a very good idea. Thank You!