Saturday, May 13, 2017

Of Mother's Day, and a walking boot~~~~

Hello Darklings,

Well Mother's Day is tomorrow!  And to make it easy on everyone the Dad's and Uncles will be cooking (bar-be-queing) the Food,  We may have burnt offerings yet.

But for us ladies it is a treat, it's going to be at my brother's home because of Coralline's ankle, and because it's been so chilly and windy we'll be eating in-doors, picnic style, at least for the youngsters and those whose bones don't ache.

My sister-in-law has been doing a lot of hard work these last few months and it's not been easy, that's why I and Sis and Aunt Jane have been helping out. 

Yesterday Coralline was freed from her fiberglass cast and was given a walking boot, which is a whole new learning curve for her, as well as physical therapy exercises,  the twins Robbie and Ryan wanted to see the incision Coralline has and think although gross is also neat, so she is considered a sort of Goddess in their opinion.

She is just happy to be able to get around, her Mother told me she was so happy to finally be able to take a hot shower, granted she had to use a bath bench but she was singing.

I'm going to go with them today, the insurance check came in and the first thing to buy will be new computers for Chris and Coralline and a new printer (two of them) as well.

Chinese Dinner last night was fun and Coralline told me that she does want to be a journalist, where it will take her she doesn't know but that is what she wants to do for her career, be it travel, medical, food, investigative who knows, but the world is her oyster right now and I'm happy for her.

Must go, they are here.

Later Darklings


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