Monday, June 19, 2017

Of the HEAT!! The Bone Melting HEAT!!

Hello Darklings,

We are having a heat wave, triple digits inland,  and don't get me talking about Death Valley, but it has and is bone melting heat, enough to make a person melt like Margret Hamilton in "the Wizard of Oz"

Yesterday was horrible,  I had misters and fans going on in the back porch, I always knew where to find the dogs,  and I had fans going on all over the house to circulate the air.

Even the children came over and rested on the back porch to keep cool,  my sister in law was sick with the heat, we had to keep her hydrated, and we could barely eat anything. 

I made veggie salads with lemon juice for dressing, and had chilled water and plenty of ice for everyone.

Doyle was a hero and went to the store and bought lemon and orange sherbet, grapes, tangerines and oranges, cherries and strawberries and I put them all on ice to keep chilled. 

I made sure I wore my Neutragena  Sun Gard  SPF 110 even indoors, and always wore my wide brim out if I went outdoors.

I was up at 5:30 a.m. just as dawn was cracking to walk the dogs,  never have I felt so much like a vampire keeping away from the sun.

It's been miserable for Coralline because of her broken ankle but she got some good news today, she's been upgraded to a figure 8 cross brace, no more with that Frankenstinian boot,  and her friends from school have been supportive knowing she has to be held back a year, but Coralline is taking it very well.   She does have to go back and do physical therapy to relearn to walk with not one, not two but 7 screws and a metal plate in her ankle.  

But with school part of the problem is she may have to do a substitution for Phys Ed.  she cannot do dance nor any of the sports,  but she's not the only one, it seems another girl and a boy are in the same situation, so they are thinking special exercise classes as well as writing papers on health,   but Coralline says that as long as she can work on the school paper as part of her extra credit for English she's happy.

Her parents are having to adjust their vacation schedule because of the physical therapy,  and the extreme heat but are hoping to take a vacation North again, going into the Oregon Coast, then plan on traveling south in the fall,  they want to take in some of the California Missions in the South,  I might go with them.    When the heat wave breaks they want to go back to Coloma and visit old Dan again, I know Coralline and Chris will be happy to see him.   Dan is stabling a couple of rescue horses and said he'd show the children how to ride and care for them.  

How long this Heat Wave will last we're not sure, the weatherman said that by next weekend it should start to cool down.   I hope so,  otherwise I shall have to live my life as if I was living in Spain, do things early in the morning---long siesta in the afternoon and do things in the evening and late at night---hmmm that wouldn't be bad for an Elder Goth.

Later Darklings 

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