Friday, May 12, 2017

Of broken ankles and take care of Coralline~~~~

Hello Everyone,

This is going to be a short post, both Coralline's Mom, Coralline and myself are very tired.

I haven't been posting for a good long while because I've been helping out taking care of my niece.

It was the oddest accident.   Coralline and Her Mom were going grocery shopping, the twins were at a soccer game with their Uncle and Aunt, my Brother and Nephew Chris were going some where, but wen Coralline steped down onto the 2nd to last step of their front steps, she must have put her foot down wrong because (according to her mother) they heard a "snap!!" and Coralline was falling and screaming in  pain.  

I was not there and only found out about it later that day,  The paramedics took her to the ER with her parents and brother following in their car,  while they were with her, some vandals took advantage of the situation and got into their un-locked house (in their panic they forgot to lock it) and their computers, laptops, X-box and games and the T.V.'s were stolen, they mess up the place, some of Coralline's costume jewellery and several of her Monster High Dolls were stolen, when someone got suspicious and called the police,  unfortunately they got away with what they had.

It was very stressful.  

Poor Coralline had to have surgery and was in the hospital for several days,  while in the meantime my brother and sister-in-law had to contact the banks and credit card companies and everything.  

They had to work and Coralline had to remain at home in bed so I offered to take care of her, sometimes my sister would trade off with me or the other Aunt, but since I was not working anymore except to be on call, it fell to me, which I didn't mind.  In a way it was fun.

With out a computer or laptop and no Wi-Fi or T.V.  things were a bit frustrating for the child but she hand wrote her homework, and even wrote several articles for the School newspaper about what it is like to be injured and in a sense helpless.   Her school friends came by often to cheer her up which was good.

And finally today Coralline got a walking cast, and she has to do therapy as well, and her parents got the check from the insurance company to replace the stolen items,  so they are going shopping soon.

But it was a long day for everyone,  getting there early, removing the cast, x-rays, tests, evaluations, the walking cast, new equipment for home use.   I came home now for a few minutes and realized I had not been posting for ages, but things will slowly get back to "what passes for normal" bit by bit.

And I am going back to join them for dinner (Chinese) and watch as my brother installs the new T.V.'s and they plug in the new computers.  (we are easily entertained).

I do have a few odds and ends to make mention about.  But I will do that in another post.

Later Darklings

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  1. I am so sorry to hear about Coralline and her family's home being robbed. How terrible.

    It is so nice that you are able to care for Coralline while she is recuperating. I hope everything goes well with the insurance company and the broken ankle heals well for Croalline.