Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Of taking down the halloween decorations~~~

Well Darklings,

In between the rain and such we slowly took down the outdoor decorations, mostly we first moved the ones that were in the front to the back area where we could dismantle them or let them dry out from the rain and we are not done, it's going to take all week.

But I do have Brian to help me and sometimes Doyle, mostly I put things into the plastic bins, and relabel the bins and they move them into the basement into the Holiday area.  

Inside the house I've taken down the spiders and spider webs, but I haven't really tackled much inside except when it was raining, the focus has been outdoors.

A dear friend of mine came by today with 400 tea lights, in huge bags, it seems she had plans to use them for an event but that didn't happen and asked if I had any use, I thought they would be perfect to use in the fireplaces on the no burn days, so I took them and have them in the cool pantry for now.

I'm by myself right now, Doyle is in the City working on a case, Brian is busy with his job and Sis has a late afternoon client who couldn't come any earlier. 

Belladonna and Wiener Dog are snoozing on the blanket that I have covering the couch here with me.   The house is so silent that I can hear the tick-tock of the old fireplace mantle clock and it just gonged the half hour. 

I have stew cooking in the crock pot and doing rice won't take long.  Sour dough french bread and butter, a simple salad, followed by individual hot peach cobblers for dessert.  Sis is going out to dinner with a colleague of hers tonight and Brian has a date. 

It's moments like this when I'm alone with my thoughts and memories that I feel that I could almost fold into the very walls of this wonderful old house,  one of my painter friends has offered to a portrait of me for the family parlor in the same style as the one of my Great-Aunt, I think it would be appropriate for this house, the picture hanging in the place where it would go is a landscape which I can put into the entrance hall there is a wall just right for it.

She studied with a number of artists, and do a number of styles so it would be with a proviso that she could exhibit it for a period of time as an example of her portrait work, I've been thinking why not.

But now my mind is too tired to go beyond thinking about it.   Doyle will be home soon and I still need to chop lettuce.

Later Darklings

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