Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Of STILL being on Jury Duty~~~

Dear Darklings,

NEVER in my LIFE, have I come across something that has had so many post-ponments, objections, delays, you name it, it has it and it's not even from what I can find in the newspapers and media feeds, a case of any importance, meaning it's not High-Profile, but it is for the victim and the victim's family important.    But not news worthy.

I have the morning off but am to go in this afternoon, so Doyle is going to treat me to lunch in Old Oakland and then it's off to Jury Duty I go.

Last night we had more fun with our neighbors crazy son.  I'll post that in detail later.

But yesterday I was so glad we didn't have Jury duty, the heat was just horrible, a mini-heat wave and yet thunderstorms in the mountains---Oh Please Rain trickle down into our reservoirs.

Everyone was just prostrate with the heat, too whipped to even make a salad, so brave Doyle headed to our favorite Deli and we had dinner, laid down in comfortable lounge chairs on the porch to catch a stray evening breeze along with our fans and we fell asleep.  Slept most of the night too.

Even Belladonna and Wiener Dog, just fell asleep on their damp towels in front of their fan, to tired to move except to drink water.  Poor things, not built for the heat.    

And now Doyle says the car is ready,  Oh well "Once more into the Fray my Friends"



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