Thursday, June 11, 2015

RIP Christopher Lee~~~~


Today I'm having a hard time trying to not cry.  My Heart is broken, the man for whom I turned Goth for is gone.

Christopher Lee, the vampire count, the Villain of Villains,  the man who has "saved" my virtue a number of times, is gone.

Except for Doyle, he is the only man I ever had a serious "crush" on.

Mother would not let me go to the movies with a boy unless it was a film starring Christopher Lee, because she knew I would be more interested in the film, instead of a pimple-faced boy trying to make like an eight-armed octopus,  needless to say I never had repeat dates with those callow youths.  My heart always belonged to Him.

Doyle admired him too and could understand my "crush".

As I understand it he passed away this last Sunday of respiratory problems, he was 93.  He now joins, Vincent, Peter, John Caradine, Boris, and Lon.

I say that he is NOT DEAD, but only resting, waiting to haunt us in our dreams.

"Good Night Sweet Count and flights of vampire bats help fly thee to thy rest"


  1. I found out while we were on vacation. I felt so sad that the last of the big three classic actors I adored is gone. First Basil Rathbone next Vincent Price and lastly Christopher Lee...the world is dimmer without their shadowy glow.

    1. I agree Rebecca, but at least His and the other's are memorialized in films and documentaries, and as Christopher Lee said in regards to his work with the Star Wars and Lord of the Rings films, that not only is known to those of this generation but also to the next generation. What a man!

  2. Although when celebrating his 93rd birthday I knew he would not stay too much longer, still I was deeply saddened by Sir Christopher's passing. I had such a vampiric crush on him as a teenager! And I was so delighted to see his return to the big screen in his 80s. Godspeed, my childhood hero. I hope we'll meet one day.