Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Of Still being on Jury Duty and missing Goth Day~~~~

Hello Darklings,

I have a few minutes before  I leave to go to the courthouse.

Yes I am still on Jury Duty!

And it looks like it's going to drag on a while, each side bringing in their own experts, two different teams for the two defendants.  Where they get the money to pay for them I haven't a clue.

Then postponements because something or another comes up.  It is throwing my life off. 

And we lost a jury member last week, came down with appendicitis, rushed to the hospital.  So an alternate was sworn in.  At least it happened during the trial and not during deliberations. 

And when that happens I hope it's not going to be like that movie "12 Angry Men".

Anyway I just wanted to let you Darklings know I'm still alive and among the living.

And I'm so upset--- I MISSED GOTH DAY!!!  May 22 is Goth Day and I missed it!!!  Oh I did wear black, wore purple eye shadow and dark lipstick and took my coffin purse, one female jury member asked me if I thought she could pull that look off,  I thought she could. 

But considering the weather here the whole bay area looks like it's being Goth!   We have not had one really warm day for the past 3 weeks, the weather man said that May has been colder than January, but we did get now and then a few drizzels, most welcomed. 

So we've been having May Gray, I wonder if it will match the eventual June Gloom.   And now some weather people are wondering if the heavy rain patterns that is being experienced in Texas (heavy flooding) will shift over here for some type of el Nino in July.   Now that would be interesting. Hmmm maybe a Goth Summer??

My poor brother and his family came down sick with what appears to be either terrible allergies or Summer colds, they've all be doing so much with the schedules and the moving in they had completely exhausted themselves.  Poor things, so I suggested to just only do that which really needs to be done, put off everything else. 

They are doing much better, but I do worry about them especially the children.

Well I have to go, Doyle is going to drop me off and then if need be I'll take the bus home.

Later Darklings

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  1. Sorry to hear that jury duty is dragging out so long.

    Even if you "missed" Goth Day it sounds like you still showed your gothy side :) Purple eyeshadow and dark lipstick sounds quite elegant.