Sunday, June 21, 2015

It's Father's Day~~~

Hello Darklings,

Yes it's Father's Day, many of us were lucky to have great, or good or decent Dad's, and there were some not so lucky.   For those of you this day is just like any other but for those who were fortunate to have wonderful Father's, depending upon age, it's a time for either celebrating or remembering.

This morning Sis and I went to the cemetery to put flowers on Mom and Dad's grave, we even threw in some of those 4th of July decorations,  Just to say "Hi Dad".   Doyle was on his cell phone getting phone calls from his children and making arrangements to go down to San Diego to visit them next month. 

Sis called her ex-husband check in with him to say "Hi" he was visiting the kids and is doing well.

Later we went to my brother's for Bar-B-Que, and I'm posting from his computer, as he is doing the final touches of making burnt offerings to the Propane Gods.

It's the first really Big celebration in their new home, and they are proud of it, it still has some work to be done but all in all in good shape.

As we sit around we remember things our Dad did, espeically about the time when we were in this parking lot and some drunk nearly clipped Mom and she got so mad she slammed her umbrella on his car.  Oh he was a big brusier.  But Dad was gallant, he just picked up Mom, threw her over his shoulder and carried her to the car, while she was yelling unflattering discriptions to the man.  

I'll never forget Dad's remark "Toots, don't start something I can't finish!"   I'm not saying Dad was a coward, he wasn't, but sometimes discretion is the better part of valor.  And beside us children were with them.  But Mom was like a bantam rooster with its feathers fluffed up.

We laughed about it for days.

So Darklings, if you are lucky to have had a great Dad or a positive male role model, raise a glass to their memory, and be thankful.

Later Darklings.

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