Monday, May 18, 2015

Of Jury Duty, Dark Shadows and chilly weather~~~~

Hello Darklings,

I have not been posting as often as I like, the Jury Duty is taking up time and energy, bleh!!

We were let go early today, but back tomorow!

And Decades T.V. was running "Dark Shadows"!!!   last week.

The good thing is Brian was working from home so he had the timer set so that every 6 hours he'd change the discs to record the episodes I and Sis would  be missing while doing what we've got to do.

We'd watch it during the evenings and record our other shows, just when you think "Oh well, I'll just go and make myself a sandwich!"  Darn if it doesn't sucker you right back into it again.

Even Doyle got caught up, he missed it years ago when he was at the Academy and then working,  so we confessed to each other----we have GOT  to buy all 1225 episodes (well it's listed as 1245--but it was a numbering situation),  and they come out in volumes.  I missed the last year of it because of my job.

So that is on our shopping list

It was such fun!!

Unfortunately I cannot talk about the trial I'm on, I'm still constrained but I think this next picture will give you and idea of what at least I feel about it, Doyle did manage to come into the court room to listen in and his attitude is the same.
Like Really??!!

But we will do our best to be objective. 

And the weather!!  It has been so chilly, some an occasional shower but I understand snow is showing up in the mountains.   But I have not been able to get out of my winter clothes.  At least not yet, over cast and cold, over cast and cold.

And all the children have come down with Spring colds, we thought allergies but no, colds!  At least they were healthy for Mother's day.

And now I am going to go have have lunch, a friend of mine called me a few minutes ago and I pleaded with her to take me out into the normal world --- or what passes for normal so I can think of nicer things.

Later Darklings


  1. I have the whole Dark Shadows collections...131 DVDs and I adore it. Those are "comfort" watching for me 😊

    1. I am JEALOUS!! Now we HAVE to get the collection!