Sunday, May 10, 2015

Of Mother's Day~~~~

Happy Mother's Day My Darklings,

Although I'm not a Mother I am an auntie and auntie's count too.

We are going over to my brother's house of a bar-b-que dinner, and taking a few things as well that Sis and I whipped up yesterday. 

Such a nice difference from the Court Room, and yes I'm still stuck with Jury Duty.

But oh it has been cold, cool and breezy, with a splash of rain here briefly, snow in the mountains and I think hail down in Fremont.   The last time I can remember weather this cold was back in the 70's and Snow was still on the ground at Lake Tahoe on Memorial Weekend.

So sweaters are still called for my summer clothes is sharing the closet with my winter clothes,  until the weather can make up it's mind.   And I get an automatic robo call from the Water District saying we are in drought conditions and to only use 35 gallons of water per person per day???   I know what 35 gallons looks like and it looks like the water district is asking us to take sponge baths, while the oil companies do fracking!   IDIOTS!!!

O.K. it's Mother's Day it's best I calm down.

Sis and I went to church this morning, it was full, then later we went over to the cemetery to leave flowers on Mom's, our Aunt's and Grandma's graves.  We were concerned about the calcium scale on the stone left by the hard well water.   As well as the tarnish on our Uncle's head stone that has his military plaque on it. 

Fortunately we were told at the Cemetery Office that the best thing that works for the metal is this product called "Mother's" it's used on automobiles, so on the military plaques to use that and to remove the calcium scale from stone to do a mixture of 1/3 cup white vinegar to 2/3 cup water and a lot of elbow grease with a rough sponge, no metal, it seems that CLR does not do the trick and is harmful to the stone.  Or maybe for a larger amount 1 cup white vinegar to 2 cups water and a lot of elbow grease, so I think during the warmer month's we'll be doing that.

I'm feeling sort of quiet and mellow today, but I'm looking forward to seeing the children, we're going to take the books we bought at the book sale and surprise them with it.  I know Chris and Coralline will like their books, the twins are harder to gauge.

So now it's time to go.   I wish all of you a Happy Mother's Day.

Later Darklings

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  1. Happy Belated Mother's Day to you:)

    Sounds like you are getting the weather we should have this time of year. It has been hot (80+) and sunny. Although last night and today we are having some lovely thunderstorms (I love them) and that should cool things back down to normal May weather here in Illinois.

    I never look forward to the really hot months of July and August because I can't wear the clothes I prefer and spend so much time reapplying sunscreen before I venture out into the evil Orb's rays :) Give me Autumn all year round:)