Friday, March 7, 2014

Of "White Elephant Sales", Lent and a busy week~~~~

Hello My Darklings,

My goodness its been over a week since I last posted.   Well I confess work has kept me busy, both at my job and at home, so much so that I barely had a chance to even look over my blog.

We have been having rain, hooray!!!  But it still isn't enough to call off the call that we are in drought conditions, but my cisterns for the garden are getting nicely filled up, so with careful watering I think most of it not all my rooted plants will survive the coming summer.

So what mischief have I been getting into since last I posted???  Well just enough but not too much.

Sis, Doyle and I got up early to grab a good parking space for the Oakland Museums White Elephant Sale, with a folding stool we each took turns holding a place in line, while having hot coffee and donuts going back and forth between Doyles van and our holding spot, and yes it did rain and it was chilly.  But it was worth it,
Doyle found some things for his future "man-cave" so his man-cave can look like an old 1940's detective's office, we are eventually going to Urban Ore to find the approprate door as well.  Sis found a wonderful 1950's desk lamp that looks like a UFO flying disk,  and I found some wonderful vintage costume jewerly as well as a few hand bags, once I snared those I went to help Doyle and Sis.  Just wonderful selections, but you have to know what you are looking for and be prepared to move it right away, some people come with U-Haul Trucks, I did reconize several vintage clothing dealers, they pretty much know what they want and don't have to worry about sizes more about condition.   But Ohhh getting up so early in the morning, in the cold and the rain.  You have to be made of stern stuff.

We later grabed lunch then dropped Sis off at her house so she could meet with her contractor, then Doyle and I went to the Nursery to find some rose bushes, I have to admit it is a little late in the season but I found several in deep dark reds,  I was surprised to see a "Mr. Lincoln" but I wanted it and a couple of lovely climbing roses, which I'll use to help outline the gate way between my yard and my sisters yard.

Such Luck too.   Sunday I just rested and puttered around the house, Doyle treated us to dinner that evening.  Then my work week started and it has been insane, or as some young people would say "we've been slammed",  of course it didn't help that a person was found dead on the BART tracks late Tuesday night which affected my communte to work Wednesday but fortunately the "Powers that Be" were understanding provided that I stayed late to make up the time,  I compromise and told them "It's Ash Wednesday, I'm going to church, I'll make it up on Thursday"  and of course they gave in.

Tuesday if one is at Mardi Grah was "Fat Tuesday" and Doyle and I celebrated in our own way, we went to see a classic movie presentation "A Fistful of Dollars" with Clint Eastwood,  I have never seen the movie on the big screen, and such a difference!!!  It has greater impact visually which adds to the story line, the concept of the struggle for power in a small town where neither side is good, and the one in the middle that destroys the two factions is not really good either, but can be an emblem of rough justice.   The contrast of the two mothers is also very revealing.  Afterwards Doyle and I had to have a glass of wine at one of the local places with a bit of "bar food" and discuss seeing this film on the big screen.

But getting back to the person found dead on the BART tracks, not much is being told about this except that it's being investigated, but what is it about people and either BART or Train Tracks, of late there have been a lot of deaths in regards to this, and from what I've read it's just plain stupidity, not paying attention. 

Well I did stay late on Thursday and today I had a dental appointment this morning and all is well with my teeth.  The rain for now has stopped and the sun is shining, the plum trees are blooming, there are birds coming around, I've seen robins and blue jays, even humming birds, Sis and I have put out our humming bird feeders in locations where cats can't get to them.   And the squirrels are playing "chicken" with the cars and some of them are losing.

And no Darklings I did not watch the Oscars, I really didn't have any interest in it.

So now we are into Lent, Sis and I observe Lent with food restritions, I'm giving up wine and chocolate, no meat on Fridays,  and I'm taking next week off, Spring cleaning,  I'm having the drapes, curtains cleaned, the rugs have to be done a special way,  the cleaning service is going to be giving me a big bill after this is over, cleaning the stove and oven, and getting rid of things that we've bought and we'll never use. 

But it will feel good.

Later Darklings

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