Monday, March 24, 2014

Of a New Computer and "Oh My Goodness Gracious!!!!" ~~~~~~

Well Darklings,

It's done, the new computer is installed and up and running, as a matter of fact I'm typing on it right now.

There was a bit of a delay, the extra 4 GB's of RAM that we wanted kept getting mixed up, the factory kept sending the wrong part, but the IT man got it squared away, seems their computer inventory made a mistake by one number. 

And OH MY GOODNESS!!!  What a difference, an entire new learning curve, I'm afraid to do too much to it, I don't want to mess it up by making the mistake of downloading the wrong thing. 

Maybe that's a sign of "old age"  the brain can't handle to much input.  But the screen is so "huge", I mean it fits my desk and everything but still it's like going from an old portable T.V. to a huge plasma screen.

And some things that were missing have come back. 

Because of the delay I haven't been posting, so much has happened but too much to list, except to say that much of the work that needed to be done has been done, neighbor's Oak tree, trimmed and healthy, fence fixed, bushes planted, car tuned, drapes cleaned, new computer, but still have to tweak a couple of things on it, like getting it registered.

Did manage to go to the Vintage Fashion Expo, and I did find some wonderful things, but it was so sad to see it reduced in size, not as many vendors, just a few years ago it took up the entire Expo hall, now just 1/2 of it.  I was told many vendors either have gone out of business or are doing it mostly on line and not traveling, the economy has affected many of them.

But we did go and have a late lunch at this place called "The Lab" in the historic Dog Patch area, parking was not easy, the S.F. Opera was also having their fund raising sale, it was unusual to see people dressed out of something out of the various Arabian Knights or Aladdin's Cave and some other very bizarre costumes.

We think we saw our "haunted couple" with what appeared to be armloads of things.

But "The Lab" had the most wonderful chocolate desserts to die for, a little goes a long way and their table nibbles just enough to kill the hunger although Doyle preferred steak and potatoes, he said to me "Elf Food?"  I told him to expand his palate, if he was still hungry when we got home I'd scramble some eggs for him.  But he was surprised finding himself filled up and even he went into delights over the chocolate

The entire neighborhood is one of the few locations that survived the 1906 earthquake and fire, many of the buildings went back to the 1880's and on Pacifica street some of these old homes on the back side had views of the wharf and the bay, not a beautiful view but still a view.  Doyle said he hated to think of the cost of some of those old houses, and they were not fancy places either, but old 1880 buildings or square type houses for working class families. 

Sunday Sis and I managed to do some shopping and then went over to our Brother's house for dinner.

Trisha, Coralline showed me the card and the Irish Blessing you sent, she had it put into a frame where she can see it,  she was just so happy to get it and hopes you like the one she sent you.
She selects her cards all by herself,  her Mother told me that when Coralline is selecting a card or two, she goes and gets a few things and then comes back to see how Coralline is doing. 

Did anyone watch "The Good Wife" last night??  I was so surprised by the plot twist.  And if you haven't seen it I'm not going to spoil what it was, but it does mean more growth and development for the show.  I'll be interested in seeing how it goes.

Now I must go, Sis will be late getting in and I need to pop the meat loaf (yes how mundane) into the oven.

Later Darklings

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