Friday, February 14, 2014

Of "Valentine's Day and a Full Moon"~~~

Yes Darklings,

A beautiful Full Moon for Valentine's Day, depending upon if its raining, snowing or just miserable weather.

But Last night Sis and I looked out her bedroom window and saw the most magnificent full moon, framed with clouds, the moonlight doing a dance among the clouds, streets damp with the left over rain, the air washed and feeling fresh, the sky not black nor blue but a combination of both creating a velvety color.

Sis and I sat up last night, she is feeling a bit better, but she didn't want to come down stairs, just huddle in her bed, so I certainly wasn't going to force her, except to chase her into the shower and into a fresh nightgown,  while she was doing that I changed the sheets and pillow cases and re-made her bed, for which she was profoundly grateful.

So as a surprise I went into the upstairs linen closet and got out the card table that we use to sort and fold the linens,  and carried it into her bedroom, I lined it up with the window so we both could look outside from our chairs.  Covered it with a table cloth and sent up via the dumbwaiter (yes the house has a dumbwaiter but it has to be pulled up manully) the plateware, glasses and food and drink to the 2nd level.

From there using an old tea cart I wheeled dinner into her room, more won ton soup, but with a touch of sweet french bread, and to keep a settled stomach Ginger ale to drink.

We didn't have to worry about Doyle last night as he wasn't going to be home until very late.  Sis and I listened to music on the Sirus radio and talked, she was still feeling a bit weak but felt that by her first appointment next Tuesday she'd be up to par.  As we Elder Goths get older things like colds and flu's can really wreak havoc on our bodies, we don't bounce back as fast, so coddling and taking extra time to get well is important.

How she got the cold I'm not sure, I'm still well (I hope) but with all she and I have been doing it is possible her immune system got weakened.

Belladonna and Weiner Dog were having fun with this change of venue for dinner,  and to keep them busy I had their toys scattered about for them to play with.

It was fun looking out the window from our high vantage point and watching the neighborhood at night, watching people arrive home, and observing the various night time rituals,  the husband and wife across the street watch T.V. in their bedroom already in the P.J's  sometimes he watches and she reads, and vis-versa,  another family attempting to bar-b-que at night their dinner, someone wanted ribs, the scent wafted across the street and was making my mouth water,  as well as the dogs,  and someone having an arguement with their teenage daughter (not Marissa) and the daugther screaming that age old line "You're ruining My LIFE!!"  

When Sis heard that she shook her head and remarked to me "Do you think our parents ruined our lives?" and I turned to her and thought about it for a second or two rummaging through my mind.  Finally I said "No, they didn't, I mean as I remember if they said 'No' they explained why it was 'no' but we were also brought up to listen, and we have to remember how Matt taught us things as well."  I paused and then said "It was a different life style, a different time, we were brought up with different mores, we didn't have our lives interrupted with internet, cell phones, bullying tatics, and the types of Peer pressure that young people have today.  I think the parents of today have it much harder than the parents 50-60 years ago when we were growing up.  I think too the television programs that we had at the time also taught moral lessons, something that I really don't see much now a days, granted back then the moral lessons were simplified but how many young boys were influenced by, for example, "The Lone Ranger" code.  Children are forced to become adults before they can have fun being children."

Sis agreed with me and then said "I'm thinking of retiring from my line of work and putting more effort into my writting"  that surprised me I asked "Why?"  and she said "Oh maybe this cold really took it out of me, maybe its time to leave this business to younger people who understand better the pressures that people face in this 21st century world."  "You could become a consultant" I suggested, "You don't have to give it up right away, look you're still recovering, wait until you're feeling completely well and then do a reassesment."

Sis nodded and agreed to put it off until another time, our dinner was finished and I was putting things back on the cart when Sis said "Turn off the light and just look at the moon with me"  I angled the card table away and brought my chair closer and turned off the light, we had the moon light streaming in.

I was reminded how as children and young teens Sis and I would look out the window when there was beautiful full moon, our bedroom light turned off and how we'd quietly talk about things, different things and here we were doing it again.  Talking quietly, different things that would pop into our heads,  then Sis went to the window and completely opened it up and stuck her head out and howled at the Moom.

Well I wasn't going to let her do it alone, so I joined her sticking my head out and howling just as loud,  the dogs from up and down the block started in, I had no idea what started them off, I could hear Belladonna and Weiner Dog behind us howling as well, and we were doing it beautifully-------

Until Doyle pulled up in his car, he got out heard the whole thing up and down the block and Sis and I leading the pack, when we saw Doyle we did it even louder,  he looked up at us as we leaned out the window and yelled "Not Again!!!"   so with his hands on his hips he yelled "Children of the Night!!  SHUT THE HECK UP!!!"

And we did, the dogs did and giggling like school girls, Sis and I ducked back into the room and closed the window, collapsing into our chairs and laughing.  When Doyle climbed up the stairs we managed to get our giggles under control, he stepped into the room turned on the lights clucked a sound of disproval and said "A Full Moon, I should know better."  and he left the room as we started laughing again.

And now it's Valentine's Day,  I managed to get a red velvet cake for desert,  Sis said she felt up to coming down stairs,  and Coralline is going to be staying with us for the weekend, her Mom and Dad are going to drop her off in an hour as they and the boys go to one of the ski resorts,  the weather goes from cloudy to sunny, to cloudy and now sunny, now cloudy.  Coralline is hoping for my beef stew over rice which I have slowly cooking in the crock pot, Sis's appitite is coming back and looking forward to that as well.  It will be a quiet Valentine's weekend but Doyle has surprised us with a huge box of See's Candies and Roses,
His card to me reads thusly----Boy meets Girl.
                                               They like.
                                               They listen.
                                               They laugh.
                                               They love.
A simply perfect love story --- and it's ours.

I will never argue about that......Happy Valentine's Day Darklings.


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