Saturday, March 10, 2012

Phantom, Vertigo and St. Patrick's Day

Hello Darklings,

I've started work on the house, a little at a time, and so far I am please with what is developing. No unexpected surprises.

St. Pa tricks Day is coming up, and I usually avoid those festivities, I'm sorry but Corn Beef and Cabbage and green beer is not an elder Goth's style, but it is the wearing of the "Green" on that day and on that day everyone is "Irish".

So what does an elder Goth do? Well if one is invited to a party, go and enjoy and if you are going to wear green, make sure it is the darkest green you can find in your wardrobe, although I have seen some stunning green and black outfits in steam punk styles.

And one can wear dark green and black in either vintage or goth style as well. I once had a white wine that was called "Green Hungarian". It tasted very good, light, fruity, I had several glasses but the next day I had a headache that took 4 aspirin to get rid of. My friends said that sometimes certain sulfides can cause headaches. I've since then stayed with those that do not cause that problem.

Last week I took the opportunity to go an early estate sale, now why it is an "early" estate sale is that a friend of mine would be handling the procedure, the heirs had taken what they wanted but decided they didn't want the rest and wanted to clear the house out for sale. My friend had everything priced and set up for the sale and the ads went in but she invited me to come and take a look the day before to see if there was anything I wanted the day before the sale was to open---and I did, I found a lovely very dark green vintage wool coat with a genuine leopard skin collar----now I know Darklings---what fur? and from an endangered animal? I agree, but remember the key word is "vintage", this fur had been mounted onto this coat more than 60 years ago. So as a consciouses elder Goth I have bought it for re-use as my new wool coat. The fur collar is easily removed to dry clean the coat and I have a black velvet collar that fits it perfectly for day use.

The cut was wonderful and fitted perfectly not too loose nor too tight, and clean. There were other wonderful vintage items as well, that I fell in love with, a number of vintage suits and hats, and now with all my space, I can literally have an entire room for a closet.

Last night, wearing my best vintage suit with all the correct accessories and driving in my 1940 Ford, I went to the Paramount Theatre that shows all the old classic films and last night it was Hitchcock's "Vertigo", seeing all the scenes from San Francisco from the 1950's was wonderful, the twisted convolutions of the mind in the story suited my mood as well. I ran into some friends of mine there also wearing their vintage and we went afterwards to a local establishment for drinks afterwards, two of my girls friends wanted to ride in my car of which their dates were envious of. So I told them if you want to get into "vintage" you have to go all the way. Oh that sounds sooo suggestive.

I was asked if I was to travel on a trip would I drive my Ford and I said no, it is for local, but I do have a basic Honda Civic--and I make sure it's alarm system works and I use a lock on it that locks the gas pedal, I do it with my Ford as well. But most of the time when my Ford is out, most people just look at it but do not touch, sometimes I think they think it's a dream.

I love going to the Paramount, all that art deco, art modern features, makes me feel very Retro and not so old after all. Our local theatre also plays on Thursdays old classic films, but of late I've not been happy with their selection.

Last Thursday evening on PBS's Great Performances they presented the 25th Anniversary of "Phantom of the Opera". I saw it years ago first in New York and then later the San Francisco Production. I had forgotten how wildly romantic and passionate it could be. Now the music keeps running through my mind. I personally feel that "Phantom" is the only Goth musical, frankly it is "THE" Goth Musical. Passion, dark lairs, a mysterious tortured figure---it took years for the music to fade from my mind, and now it's all come back to re-possess my soul. I shall have to listen to "Big Band" music to try and drive it out of my mind.

Next week is the Vintage Fashion Faire at the Concours in San Francisco, I have no idea what I will find, but it promises to be interesting and fun.

Later Darklings

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