Sunday, March 25, 2012

More Construction~~~

Well Darklings,

I have to admit that the weather has put somethings on hold, fortunately the tarps are holding and no water into the basement. I did find some interesting things while the basement was being cleaned out.

A wonderful old oak desk that must have been used in a office, it has a hid-a-way top so that all one has to do is flip the top to move the typewriter underneath and have a flat writing surface, it's a bit stiff but some WD40 loosened it up so that it works very well.

Now I'll have to find a re-conditioned typewriter for it.

I also found two chandeliers, I don't know why they were removed but I came across some old photos which shows what rooms they were originally in. I've talked to my construction person and he says I can have them newly wired and installed in the correct rooms.

It's like a treasure hunt, my kitchen is covered with boxes of old stuff that I'm sorting through to see what is salvageable, and with the old photo's to help out I'll be able to see what goes where.

But now I'm tired and covered in cobwebs and dust so to the showers to get cleaned up. And I don't have to cook dinner tonight, a friend of mine is coming over and he is going to take me out, where to I don't know but then I love surprises.

Later Darklings.

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