Saturday, March 3, 2012

Being a "Little Evil"~~~

There are times Darklings, when it is so much fun to be just a “little” evil, in a harmless way of course.

In my case it is tempting my fellow co-workers with richly evil Red Velvet cake. There is this wonderful bakery that only makes this cake sporadically, if you want one for Valentine’s Day or for a special occasion it has to be special ordered….But….once in a while the baker will put one or two out for sale, just to tempt his customers and it goes quickly.

I have even seen women debating who will buy the cake, in which the baker will, like Solomon divide the cake in half and at least they are partially happy.

Ahhhh but the other morning, I had stopped in to buy a loaf of fresh baked bread before I dashed to work and there it was, sitting in all its Red Velvet glory, with a tiny pair of plastic horns, because it was Red Devil’s Velvet cake. I knew that being a special day (FEB. 29th!!) it was time to buy it and have all of my co-workers who are dieting, fall into sin….a serious fall into sin.

Just in time for Lent!!!!

I placed it oh so carefully in the staff lunch room and everyone carefully went around it, afraid, very afraid, then at lunch time I brought out …the knife…and everyone fell into sinning.

Some felt very bad but I said that this day didn’t exist since it was February 29th, and February usually has only 28 days in it, so it doesn’t count because it’s the 29th. The sinners could see the logic in that and so continued until there were only the plastic horns left; I think I’ll keep them as a souvenir.

Am I just a “little” evil??? Of course I am, but it was oh so delicious Darklings, just oh so delicious.

Later Darklings.

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