Sunday, March 25, 2012

Another Death Day~~~~

Well my Darklings,

I've just celebrated another "Death Day"----the "muggles" (I love that word) prefer to call it "Birthday" but I like to call it "Death Day".

Why? Because it's one more year closer to dying---whenever that will be.

The normal people don't realize is that with each so-called "Birthday" you really are celebrating having lived one more year---you've survived not getting killed by idiot drivers, stupidity, drugs, drink,disease, war, famine or any other means of dying.

So because you have survived another year of living from the day of your birth that is suppose to be reason to celebrate.

It wasn't until I had reached the 50th year of survival, when my brother, his wife, my sister brought out a cake done in chocolate with red raspberry filling and frosted with black frosting with a small grim reaper and a gravestone candle with the numbers 50 and the words "over the hill" and one small black candle lit.

Now did he sing "Happy Birthday" no they did the funeral durge by saying "Dum, dum, de dum, de de de de de di di dum" Frankly Darklings I loved the morbid, gallows humor, black napkins, black paper plates, red drinking glasses and red plastic cutlery.

I saved those cake toppings, plus one each of the napkin, plate drinking glass and cutlery and I put them into a shadow box made with a very old ornate picture frame, I added dried dark red roses to it from the bouquet that they gave me, and a picture of me on that day. It's my "Memento Mori" and each year I look at it when I celebrate my "Death Day".

When it will come I don't know, but I told my sister that my funeral should be an occasion of celebration, drinking,lots of food, music, dancing an old fashioned wake designed to "Wake the Dead".

I also find it ironic that my "death day" happens to be close to when the Earth is waking from it's "Winter Death" to come to life, bloom and grow. Which if one really thinks about it gives Easter it's real meaning.

Sorry if this sounds too Morbid my Darklings, but Death as Life shouldn't be.

Later my Darklings

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  1. this is best post i've read in months; honest and from the heart. stop by and say hi, sometime. happy days.