Sunday, August 6, 2017

Of the Dog Days of Summer, Open House and Vampire Cowboys~~~~

Hello Darklings,

Well it is the “Dog Days of Summer”,  and we’ve been having heat with monsoon humidity and now it’s just warm with a breeze.

But during our heat wave both Belladonna and Weiner Dog, were panting even with the fan on them and water close at hand with ice cubes in it.    Everything with the humidity felt sticky,  so cool cotton, and large sun hats were needed.

I haven’t been posting much of late, getting called in to cover for staffers, but now with vacation almost over and parents buying clothes and supplies for their children things are creeping back to normal.

We had a grass fire up in the hills and sad to note that it was arson caused,  the smoke made breathing difficult, I was sneezing a lot, fortunately Cal-Fire got it knocked down quickly, but still it’s frightening.

My brother and family have come back from their long vacation up north staying mostly coast side to take advantage of the cooler weather, but up in Canada there was a million acre fire burn and in one phone call from them it was difficult to breath at one point so the drove closer to the coast where the ocean breeze helped.

They’re back now, getting uniforms, going to appointments, getting school schedules, but they plan on going south for the weekend to the Beach Board walk in Santa Cruz, get in some of that old-fashion Summer-time fun.   But the children promised to go no further than up to their knees because there might be sharks coming closer inland.

I showed the children what I’ve been able to get for their lockers and in school supplies, My brother reimbursed me, but Christopher was happy with what he can do to organize his locker and Coralline was thrilled I was able to find the same things in Gold as well as the battery operated chandelier to light up the interior of her locker.   

Coralline is getting around a lot better with the compression cross-brace but she has to ice her ankle every night, it still swells up from time to time.   She and Christopher are looking forward to this school year, to see how things will go, but the twins are not looking forward to it, moaning that they can’t have fun and instead are going to be doing the dreaded homework.  

I’m feeling a bit sad today,  one of our long time neighbors are selling their house and going to move to Idaho, to a small town that has what they are looking for low crime, good schools, good after-school programs for the grandchildren,  affordable, good medical and a quaintness that has been lost in big city living.    Their son and daughter in law and their two children had been living with them for over a year, they had to leave their apartment because the rent went up and they couldn’t find an affordable place to live.   The Grandparents were fed-up with the craziness happening in this state and when Anthem-Blue Cross said it was leaving the state they too felt it was time to get out of town.

So today was open house for their property, so many people looking but one thing that is a bit off-putting for the house is that it does not have off-street parking, the new owner would have to park their car(s) on the street, so I’ll see who will be willing to buy the house, but I heard it had a sale price of nearly ¾’s of a million dollars, that nearly made me faint.   But it also told me that I’d have to plan my estate very carefully to see who will get my Great-Aunt’s home.

Our neighbors Crazy Son is home again, and for the last few months had been behaving himself, taking his medication,  but last week he went off the rails again ranting and carrying on, at 1 in the morning.  I called the Police because he was disturbing the peace and his sister was having a hard time with him.  The police took care of him, taking him in for evaluation.

I talked to the sister and she said her Father wanted him home thinking he’d be fine, so he was discharged,  Lovely I thought.   So we’ll see if he has to go back into the care facility.

At the end of September if I can I think I’ll do another wine tour but just a week I think,  I want to be home in October to decorate for Halloween.

But I have been discouraged at not finding more Gothic things.

Although last night on TV on Svengoolie he showed a vampire western---yes Dear Darklings a Vampire Western,   it was called “Curse of the Undead” 1959, with Eric Fleming (of Rawhide)  and Michael Pate as the  gun fighting vampire.    I have to say that the plot line was good as well as the acting there was nothing “cheesy” about it.   It did what “Billy the Kid Vs Dracula” (1966) couldn’t do.   Michael Pate even made the cowboy vampire seem both to be pitied and yet feared.  And he had a great line "Oh the dead don't bother me, it's the living that gives me trouble".

I’m not sure if I have it among my collection of vampire movies, but if not then I’m going to get a copy.  Who thought a cowboy Western Vampire movie could be so Gothic.  But this one is.

And now Sis has come by with dinner for us, take out Chinese, yes when you don’t feel like cooking but don’t mind driving take out Chinese is the way to go.

Later Darklings

I just found out I can buy a reprint of this poster,  I think I will and have it framed.

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