Friday, July 21, 2017

Going back to School~~~

Hello Darklings,

No not me, Thank Goodness.

My brother and sister in law asked if I would be kind enough to purchase the school materials the children would need when School goes back in session.

And they gave me the list of what they do have and what needs to be replenished and the money to buy it with (Thank You very much).

Stuff for the boys is easy enough, although Christopher asked if I could find a magnetic mirror for him to put into the inside of his locker,  the twins teased him and said he has a girl friend, well more like several girls have a crush on him, he says he wants to look presentable around his friends.

Coralline just rolled her eyes but did confide to me that while she was recovering at home several girls that know Chris came by the house,  supposedly to study.  And they commiserated with her about her broken ankle,  but she said that she could see they were there to flirt with her older brother.

He still keeps an eye on her and helps her, but she is getting better, but the way she told me about this was funny.  

I did find the magnetic mirror, plus a magnetic shelf to hold a comb and Tic-Tacs and anything else he might need,  It came in a pewter color,  I also got a set for Coralline in gold for her locker as well,  and a replacement battery operated chandler, her old one got broke when those thieves stole stuff from their house.   And a few other gold accented things for her for school, to cheer her up, no sense having school be drab for her.

They left a few days ago and fortunately where they are going there are no wildfires,  I was on pins and needles about the one burning near Mariposa, near Yosemite.   But I heard on the news that the mandatory evacuation of the historic town has been lifted, the town was safe but people did lose their homes.   Some friends of mine who live in that area called me a few hours ago and said they were one of the lucky ones, their home was spared.

I am planning a trip towards the beginning of October, to the wine country again, I'm hoping Doyle can come with me, but if not, well I'm use to traveling alone.   Although I don't think I'll buy as many varieties as the other time.  I've seemed to settle in with a few that I like.  But one never can tell.

Or I may go to Columbia State Park, in time for one of their Ghost Tours, and considering bookings I think I better start planning now.

And now I'm preparing for another heat wave,  fans are out, plenty of water bowls for the dogs.  And now Sis has come by for a late dinner, she's been working hard, but I think I'm going to try and persuade her to take a mini-spa vacation with me.  Just have to think where to go.

Later Darklings.

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