Friday, February 26, 2016

Of Wisdom Teeth that are not so wise~~~~

Hello Darklings,

Right now I have to agree with Coralline, why are wisdom teeth called wisdom teeth, there is nothing wise about them and they are very uncomfortable.

Which for the last two weekends has been the situation for my poor niece,  she had to have all 4 of her wisdom teeth extracted, two of them were pressing down on nerves in her jaw line, and the other two were crowding her teeth.

So on two separate Fridays, they were removed two at a time,  the latest ones were done today, right now the poor child is sleeping on my couch in the family room as I don't want her to try the stairs.

They had to "knock her out" and stitch her gums, but because her parents are involved with some sports doings with the twins and were committed for both weekends, I said I would take care of her,  soft foods, jello, ice cream, and lots of sleep.

And it's all working out,  I've been called in to work during the week several staff members have come down with either the flu or severe allergy attacks, so I'm taking up the slack, but I said I had to have those two Friday's off, no problem.

My gardener has been clearing out the excess weeds although I have to admit the wild wood sorrel or what we as kids use to call "sour grass" looks very pretty, all those yellow flowers among the greenery,  I found out that it's other nick-name is "Sleeping Beauty" very appropriate. So I told him to leave the wood sorrel alone for now in the pet cemetery, until it begins to die back.

My fruit trees, the cherries and Plums have been blooming and looking so wedding like, and dropping white petals here and there like Springs' carpet of snow. 

It looks so refreshing and beautiful.  

For February we only had a little rain but hopefully for March and April we'll get a lot more.

Fortunately with the dry weather I've been able to get some of decorative parts of the house replaced and they've received a protective 1st coat of paint and perhaps that may have to be repeated, but progress is slowly being made.

And now I hear Coralline whimpering, I have to give her the pain meds, poor thing, I'll ask her if she wants chocolate ice cream for dessert, Doyle can pick that up, the question is Dryers or Ben and Jerry's.

Later Darklings


  1. Poor Coralline, wisdom teeth can be such a pain. I hope she is feeling much better very soon

  2. Aww, poor girl. Tell C that I'm praying for her and give her a hug for me.