Sunday, February 14, 2016

Of Valentine's Day and a night-light for the Toilet Bowl???~~~~~

Hello My Darklings,

What have I been doing? 

Well I've found an excellent carpenter through my art friends who can replace some of the finials and outdoor carvings on the house, as a matter of fact in an act of good faith, he duplicated one of the more difficult ones for free to show his workmanship and it is excellent, so he will slowly (depending upon the weather and his other commitments) replace each item that has wood rotted.   There are not many fortunately, but he said he'd be happy to do this work for me (for a fee) as each situation arises.

I've also again through the same group of friends have been able to find a lovely lady who restores stain glass windows, especially church type windows,  she's a bit eccentric but her bonifides are excellent,  but it will have to wait until the rainy season passes.  

She also has given me information on someone who can install a protective shield over the windows to protect them in the future from the elements and the shields can be swung out in sections for cleaning as needed.

And for Valentine's Day??  

Well Doyle is going to take me to several of my favorite vintage fashion shops so I can shop to my heart's content.

And then we have dinner reservations at our favorite place.  Of course I am aware that there maybe some delays---Valentine's Day is very popular, but it doesn't matter, I'm with the man I love and that is what counts the most.

But our Dynamic Duo will not be forgotten, Doyle yesterday picked up their favorite treats and Brian is going to baby-sit them, he says after such a hectic work week, being with the dogs is his Valentine's treat.  

Sis is visiting her children in Sacramento and will be back tomorrow and Thank goodness for Brian to house sit for her.    I told Sis we owe Brian at least a belated Valentine's present.

Doyle has a habit of watching T.V. while tying up his shoe laces and putting his wallet together I've never been able to figure out why but he started doing that years ago watching the morning news and it's stayed with him ever since.

As I am putting on the finishing touches, he just came in and told me he's think he's seen it all, I asked him what is it and he said "A light to light up the inside of your toilet bowl!"

I think I froze in position before I turned to look at him questioningly thinking he's lost his mind but he then described what it's purpose is for.

It seems its a sort of sensor night light as you go to the bathroom late at night because you have to do something it lights up the interior of the toilet bowl so one can aim one's posterior in the right direction and not miss it,  which I personally have had that almost happen once or twice (O.K. maybe more).   Then after you flush and leave, it goes off.

And it will light up the interior of your bowl in colors!!!   Hmmmm I guess it will add color if you have to do a number 2.  

In a way it almost makes sense,  I think I'll mention it to my sister in law, she complains that the twins at night seem to miss aiming for the bowl, and I think for little ones it might take away the fear of monsters inside the toilet bowl.   

And it doesn't disturb the other sleeper if your bathroom is immediately adjacent or if by turning on the bathroom light it shocks you awake.

But it lights in Colors???   I will have to eventually see this commercial.

Now I'm wondering if Doyle is thinking of buying one.

Later Darklings and Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. Hehe, light up toilet bowl? Hmm, I think my cats would find that interesting since they already think the toilet bowl is already interesting even without a light:)

    1. Well, to be honest, I think Doyle and I are going to have to get one, the other night I was so sleepy, in the middle of the night I missed finding the seat!

      Very embarrassing and a bit of a shock, after Doyle picked me up off the floor (thank goodness I could get up) he said to me "I think the light is going to be a necessity" at that moment I could only agree. LOL!