Monday, February 1, 2016

Of a Super Bowl free Sunday and Film Noir~~~~

I am sorry my Darklings, but Moi will Not be watching the Super Bowl.  Why?  Well it’s not that “Big” on my “To Do” list.

As a matter of fact both my sister in law and my niece along with Sis, we will be relaxing having a girl’s day in.  Yes we will be pampering our feet, doing our nails, facials, massage all of that fun stuff, I managed to find a ‘serenity type spa’ where we can relax and feel good about ourselves,  Saturday we will all have our hair done (well for me it will be a dye and trim and scalp conditioning) and then Sunday to the Spa.

All the men folk will be congregating in the Man Cave at my brother’s house, my brother, Doyle, the twins, Christopher, and a few friends to watch the game. 

We ladies will in turn have a nice early dinner out after all that pampering and later dessert at my home and watch a few favorite Noir Films such as “Laura” and “D.O.A.” and “The Lineup”. My sister in law remarked the other day how Coralline has a bit of a resemblance to Gene Tierney, and even I can see it, in a way I’m glad she inherited the best features of both her Mother and her father, and in a way looks a bit like my Great-Aunt, yes she is beginning to become quite a beauty.  

I’m afraid Darklings that I have not posted for a while and the reason is I have once again been on a Film Noir “kick” yes, I attended Noir City the San Francisco Noir Film Festival, and besides old favorites like “Rear Window” and “The Two Mrs. Carrolls”, a more recent addition “Public Eye” and one that shows off that Lucille Ball was more than a comedienne in a dramatic turn in “The Dark Corner”,  that is why I “disappeared” for so long,  Sis was with me while Betty helped out by House sitting and watching the Dynamic Duo during the day and Doyle did duty at night.

Sis and I decided to stay in the City, shopping, relaxing, dressing in our vintage finery while attending the showings.   In a way it was a wonderful vacation with the exception of all the insanity of this Super Bowl stuff,  we did miss the fireworks that signaled the re-lighting of the Bay Bridge and the opening of Super Bowl City, but not by much. 

And yes I did take good care of myself and not have a relapse, no colds, no sniffles, no coughs or sore throats.   But I have to say seeing those old wonderful films revitalized me.   

But now we are home again, and once again my Doyle made arrangements to have his friend bring the vintage Rolls Limo (1930’s) to pick us up at the Hotel, both he and his friend dressed in vintage style chauffeur uniforms,  and Sis and I “dressed to the nines” in our vintage Day wear as we left the hotel, I’m sure some folks thought we were eccentric or weird, but really if you can’t have fun what can you do.

Although for a Monday getting through San Francisco was slower than usual I couldn’t help but notice that even the most anxious drivers gave the vintage Rolls a clear berth, no one wanted to scratch it’s paint or dent it’s chrome.   And the smiles on people’s faces especially as Sis and I waved as if we were royalty.    Such fun!!

And when we got home today Doyle surprise me with an early Valentine’s gift, the complete set of all 14 of the Chester Morris Boston Blackie films.  Where he got them I haven’t a clue, but I love him for it.

And now it’s back into the mundaneness of bills (which I will tackle tomorrow) and other things,  my handyman and I need to go around the house to see what needs to be done when things dry out,  there has been a bit of wood rot here and there, easy to take care of and the house will need to be seriously painted, which means scaffolding which means getting estimates, thank goodness the house trust is designed for such things.

And my Gardener has been removing those plants that did not survive the extreme cold or over-abundance of water, and trimming the trees and bushes when it’s not raining.  And he managed to squeeze in mowing the lawn during the storm breaks.  We’ll have to talk about what we want to do with the bare spots.

Belladonna and Weiner Dog were very happy to see their “Mommy” again and Betty has dinner crock pot ready all we have to do is serve ourselves.   But she told me even though it was daylight during the days it rained the house was “spooky” to her, she didn’t want to go into the Library where sits my Cabinet of Curiosities.  Too much for her, she’d check from the door how the cleaning ladies were doing but she just would not go in.   Well it isn’t for everyone.

But now with our plans in the works for our personal Super Bowl weekend, we have something lovely to look forward to. 

I’ve also been looking around for fun things that we Goth/Noir ladies can enjoy,  and I think I’ve found a few things but that will be for another time.

In the meantime, it's dinner and later we're are going to watch a new show "Lucifer"  Doyle recorded the first episode for me along with X-Files, Blacklist and a few other fun things, Doyle says I'm going to LOVE the vintage Corvette that Lucifer drives.  Well a Vintage Corvette, hmmmm he can't be all bad, can he?

Later Darklings 


  1. Glad to hear you were having such a fun time. The Noir film fest always sounds so wonderful. I would love to see you decked out to the nines in the vintage Rolls :)

    1. It is a lot of fun Rebecca, if you go to their web site, just google, Film Noir festival San Francisco, you'll get a list of the films they've showing and a more extensive list from previous festivals.

      They have it around the country, seeing the films on the big screen makes such a difference.

      And riding in the Rolls, it was decadent! LOL ;)