Thursday, October 1, 2015

Update and Rain and a bit tired~~~~

Hello Darklings,

We had rain yesterday!!!  Oh granted not much but it felt so good that I even danced out in it.  Well as well as someone my age can dance.  Doyle is worried I'll come down with a cold, I understand his concern.

But the rain yesterday was not even predicted, it was as much a surprise to the weatherman as to everyone.  But it felt good.   And it was cool nice and cool, so much so that yesterday Sis and I went up into the storage attic, its a nice finished space to go through boxes of records albums, yes old fashioned L.P's.

But I'll tell you about that another time.

The rain did wonders for the garden, even the plants were perked up,  I had planted Autumn Sage and it has attracted the hummingbirds and butterflies (what's left of them) and other insecta but the spicy scent is just wonderful.   We are hoping that the rain is a serious promise of more to come.  But Not on halloween please.

I have been busy, being called in to fill in empty slots at my old work place, late vacations, an accident, getting children settled in school various reasons like Mother-in-Law visiting.  That one was a hoot!  

But I am tired Darklings, things do catch up with me, I'm not as spry as I use to be, thank goodness for aspirin or Tynoldo which ever works best.  But I muster on,  

I'm having fun finding smaller hard resin decorations for display, and Spirit on line has not disappointed me.  I also found at one of the Grocery Stores a pumpkin style lemonade decanter for punch with a spigot,  as well as one's where it has paper chake boards so I can write on it what type of "poison" is in it.  Yes it's time for my Normal Shopping!

I'm holding off on buying candy I'm going to wait until about 2 weeks before Halloween that is when the best buys show up.   But this weekend I'll be decorating the inside of the house, while the Blue Angels fly over head----Yes it's Fleet Week, my brother and Doyle are taking the children to see the ships and the Blue Angels while Sis and I decorate with our cousin helping us.   She said she hardly gets any children where she's at and wants to be at my place for the festivities, she'll have a reliable house sitting at her place to hand out candy for just in case.

But I just wish I didn't feel so tired, Doyle wants me to have a check up just to make sure everything is fine.  Well I'll do it to please him. 

We've been having fun watching "Scream Queens"  with Jamie Lee Curtis, it is hokey, tacky over the top satire,  with every cliche from every bad teen horror film you've ever seen including "Texas Chain Saw Massacre".  Our problem of course is trying to  figure out who is doing the killing??  "Scream" with Chain Saws???   My kind of mixture if you like it bloody, dark and funny.

But whether it survives as a series is another thing, but tonight, Oh tonight!!!!  Another quandary!!!

Sleepy Hallow and Blacklist come on at the same time!!!!!!!!!!!!    Well Thank Goodness for DVR's!

And next week "iZombe"  "Supernatural"   So Much More!!!!  My cup overfloweth!!!   And "How to get away with Murder!"  Yes Darklings even though Big Bang Theory is funny, T..V. is definitely gone to the "Dark Side" in my House and I am LOVING IT!!!  

Now who says we're too old to enjoy a bit of creepy darkness, NOT ME!!!!

Later Darklings

 Which means after Halloween we'll have to wait 365 days to Halloween 2016, oh can I stand the long wait!!!???


  1. Glad you hear you got some rain. And hopefully have a nice dry Halloween to come:)

    1. We're hoping for the same. But no rain will stop my party.