Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Of Halloween Planning and a return of the heat and other gloulish things~~~~

Hello Darklings,

I have not be posting much of late, well I have to admit I've been working on the menu for the halloween party and sending out invitations.   I do not expect any RSVP, I just said "show up when you can it will go till 1 a.m.  1 a.m."  because at 2 a.m. we set the clocks back one hour  so one more hour to party.

I've also invited everyone on my block to attend, it does help, that way we keep our neighbors happy, especially when they are invited.

I've been able to get more Vampire Wine and Aplotic Dark,  now for the children I have a Halloween punch that will be just right for them, but I know that some of them will prefer cola or 7-up, so that will be available as well.   Coffee and tea for those driving.

It's a combination of Pot Luck as well as what I'll be serving as "finger food" and a few main meals.  But there is so much wonderful recipes being offered.

The decoration on the inside of the house is done and Doyle and Brian have been working on the outside, we have skeletons all over the place in different poses, doing different things, Brian was able to get a really great deal on pose-able  skeletons and Thank Goodness I have the space in the basement and Garage to store them.

But for the last few days we've been having a heat wave up to the 90's inland,  a few days ago though I woke up to Fog, wonderful glorious Fog!  And then Bam!!! The Heat!   Oh well as long as the weather is mild for Halloween is all I ask.

We've just recently had a ghoulish thing happen a day or two ago a human skull with some bones attached were found on Bailey Road by some hikers, it appears it had been in the ground for some time, I.D. will take some time.   In the last few years skulls have turned up in a waste disposal plant, under a freeway, up on Skyline Blvd with Mardi grah beads, all  in the last 2 to 3 years.  Is is possible with the lack of rain that these skulls are finally coming to the surface?   Who knows.

Now before I forget I have here the type of Black Halloween punch that I will serve to the children the receipe is very easy, and if you want you can add a kick to it for you adult trick or treaters.

  • Prep  10 minutes Ready In
  1. To make a frozen hand, wash a disposable glove, fill with water, seal with a rubber band and freeze until hard.
  2. Stir together grape soft drink mix, orange soft drink mix, sugar and water until solids are dissolved. Combine with chilled ginger ale just before serving. Dip the frozen hand briefly in warm water, then peel off the glove. Float the prepared hand in the punch bowl for a ghastly effect.
  3. In making the frozen hand you can add a bit of red food coloring to make it look ghastly. Do not add any dry ice as that will take the fizz out of the ginger ale,   For an adult version add Vodka, but make sure it's properly labled.    Enjoy


  1. What a great idea. I should try that for the Granddaughters...they both would love it.

    1. I'm sure they will and I think I have another one, for dip using a hollowed out pumpkin, but I've got to find it first. When I do I'll post it on my blog.