Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Of More Spooky Movie Viewing~~~~

Dear Darklings,

I had to run errands out to Berkely well up into the hills, this is where a long time friend now lives and I have to admit although beautiful (and her house is georgeous built in the 1930's)   I think I'm happy being a "flatlander".

The streets are very narrow so narrow that the cars have to partly park on the sidewalks to be sure Fire Trucks can get by.   And twisty, and steep.   I'm glad my modern car is an automatic if I drove my vintage car I would have burned out the clutch!

But looking at all of that I was reminded of the horrifying and tragic Oakland Hills Fire that killed 29 people and I don't even want to get into the the loss of homes.  

I asked her about her choice and she said "It's perfect!"  all I could do was inwardly shudder.

But the reason why I was visiting her is I found among things my sister and I were going through in the old attic were news clippings of things my friend had done, as well as some trophies and photographs.   I called her and she said bring them by.

We chatted and had coffee and mini-cakes (got the recipe for them) and generally got caught up.  

Driving home I decided to take the "land routes" home no freeway for me, as I was going past the Paramount Theater my eyes got as round as saucers and I said "Yipppieeeeee!!!!"   The last week of October is going to be fabulous for me, first Dracula at the Alameda Theater and then "Abbot and Costello Meet Frankenstine"  at the Paramount!!!   On Oct. 30th!!!!

I talked to my sister and we agreed if we can get everything ready in advance by 5 p.m Friday with only doing food touch ups on Saturday Oct 31 we are going to the Paramount!!!!

Oh Yes Darklings it is a comedy, but SUCH FUN!!! 

And I have never seen this one on the Big Screen, I'm certainly NOT going to pass that Up!   Would You???   Of Course Not!!!

I mean who says Elder Goths can't have fun?!  Not me!

And I have a cartoon clipping to share with you, and at this time of the year Yes it is perfect!

Later Darklings


  1. That sounds wonderful😀 Will you be dressing up to go to the movie?

    1. I haven't thought about it as yet, I think it will depend upon time constraints, getting things ready for the party and such, but I will keep it in mind.