Monday, July 20, 2015

Of Exhausted from the Heat Wave and phone lines cut~~~~

Hello Darklings,

I have not posted of late because we are having problems with "someone" vandalizing my phone lines as well as Doyles'.

We have two separate lines coming to the house one is for Doyle for his work and the other is what I call "the house phone" and they are both hard wire.   I will not use Wi-Fi and I admit it's a personal prejudice on my part.

But it's because if there is an emergency,  at the dispatchers our address and information comes up immediately and even if I can only "gurgle" they know where to send help, that is one advantage, also one of our neighbors complains that his wi-fi keeps getting hi-jacked.   As my Daddy would say "Somethings Up".

So hard-wire it is.   We Know who is doing the vandalizing, because he keeps hearing the "voices in his head".   So right now I'm posting this from a friends computer. 

So now we are going to cover the phone lines with conduit pipe, which should frustrate this sick individual further and install more motion detector lights that are Solar powered.   I hope we don't have to do any further protection on our electrical wires.  But who knows.

My brother and his family are off on another RV adventure, to which Chris and Coralline are thrilled about.   They should be back by this weekend.  And I cannot wait to hear all about it

What legal steps we can do right now we don't know,  but we can do things to protect our property, shining the light of truth upon this person is one thing, no more hiding in the shadows.

Hurricane Delores, downsized to tropical depression, then Low pressure is making things around here hot and muggy and airless.

She did kindly drop off rain to help the fire fighters in Southern California in El Cajhon but after the fire jumps the highway burning cars, and buildings, thank goodness no one was killed.   But she did cause another freeway to wash away.   We are hot in the north and drowning in the South.

Doyle, my Sister, Brian and I have been sleeping on the back sleeping porch at night, it is just too hot indoors,  doing anything outdoors is impossible,  I water the plants at night when it's cool and pray it does not give rise to the natural blood suckers, mosquito's.

Eating is impossible as drinking water is more important.    I pity anyone who lives in the Southern States if this is  what you have to deal with.  

My team of cleaning ladies came by this morning and I told them to just focus on the down stairs, upstairs is too hot, but they did tackle two of the upstairs bathrooms,  I gave them chilled bottles of water  and made sure they rested as well.   I wasn't too concern about dust today.

But my Darklings I wanted to let you know I'm still among the living but melting like the Witch in the Wizard of Oz.    I'm almost afraid that Doyle may find me just a melted puddle,  and now I'm going to take a page from Belladonna's and Weiner Dog's book, put a fan on me, lay down and sleep.

Later Darklings 


  1. Ugh, how frustrating about Mr. Crazy. I hope you find a solution soon, whatever that may be.

    1. Well Patricia, short of having a driverless 18 wheel rig, drive all 18 wheels over him, it maybe that we'll have to go to court but we're taking it one step at a time. It's all we can do. I'm just glad that Coralline is not involved and is having fun.

  2. Oh dear, I hope the situation with the "crazy" person gets resolved soon.

    I feel for you about the heat. Here in the midwest it is hot and humid as is typical for summers here but most people have air conditioning so that is some relief. I hope your heatwave lets up soon.

    1. We hope for the same in dealing with "Crazy Person" , things seem to be cooling down now, which is good, but it's going to remain warm for a while. So we are going to install those lights. It is a step in the right direction.