Friday, January 30, 2015

Of our own Murder mystery~~~

Well Darklings,

The news on the body part's that were found on 11th and Mission is sparse.

So far the suitcase was left in front or near the Goodwill Store in that area, and it contained a torso and leg of a light skin male, other parts were found in a 3 block radius but no head.

They have a image but not a very good one of a suspect. 

The possibility of identifying the body is unknown as the easier identifiable parts (head, hands) have at this time not been found.

And at this time they do not know how the person died.

The question of DNA is questionable unless this person is in a data base, but if not, it will only make it harder.

Doyle told me SFPD is being very tight-lipped about it and he has to respect that.

Having been on a couple of juries, one of them a murder, I know how hard and difficult getting answers can be, its not like how they show on CSI or NCIS or Blue Bloods or Bones, the answers are not there within the 43 to 45 minutes of show time.  It can take months trying to pull it all together, and still have the case go cold.

But because it is so unusual, it has peaked my interest, if I were a hard-boiled news reporter of the 1940's I'd call it "The Torso Murder" but now, who knows.

And speaking of Murder plus Film Noir, I have a guilty pleasure in watching Viola Davis in "How to Get Away With Murder"  when I first heard that title of that program I thought what are they going to come up with.

And they have come up with things that would make even my head pivot around, even Doyle is trying to leap ahead of the story line, because there is that campus cop that saw the group of law students take the rug out of the house, he is that one string that's left dangling to entangle them.

This is one program that keeps me glued to my TV what is going to happen, I keep asking.

The only draw back is you have to watch it in sequential order, it is not episodic, but still it is worth viewing.

And now my ride is here and I'm going out to dinner with my Doyle.

Later Darklings

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