Thursday, January 15, 2015

Of more protests and a possible BART shut down and clothing~~~~

Dear Darklings,

Well the commute into the City is going to be horrible tomorrow.  We heard on the news that protestors are going to muck up the commute on BART tomorrow by shutting down the Montgomery Street Station at 7 a.m. using "metal spoons"? 

What the spoons are for I don't know, but Doyle said that if they throw them from the platforms onto the third rail it could cause an explosion or seriously short circuit the electrical connection and possibly cause a fire. 

I'm hoping they will do something different, but people can be fools.

They are protesting because 14 protestors who shut down BART a few weeks ago in a "I Can't Breathe" protest are going to have to pay $70,000 dollars in fines and reparation.  Their complaint is that the protestors that blocked the freeway their charges were dismissed, so these protestors charges should also be dismissed.

Doyle thinks it's because it was handled by two different judges who had two different views on protesting.  He thinks and I certainly feel this way, that all protests including those on the freeway need to pay at least a fine and do community service like cleaning up graffiti and the rubbish on the freeways, that no one is exempt.  But we feel that the judge working with the freeway protestors felt overwhelmed. 

Doyle needs to go into the city but he'll take the Ferry instead,  My sister and I will be going to the city for the start of the Film Noir Festival but Brian said he'd drive us over in the early afternoon to allow us time to get to our hotel and settle in. 

It's all in the planning.  I'm feeling better and resting as much as possible as well, mostly its sniffling and this stubborn cough caused by dripping sinuses.  Doyle suggested that we plan on staying at the hotel for the entire time of the Film Festival, have a sort of vacation, he said he'd reimburse us half the costs of the hotel stay. 

Sis thinks that would be wonderful, she doesn't have any clients at all booked for the week, she planned on being free during that time.   So once we get to the Hotel we'll talk to the agent to see about extending our stay, even if we have to move to a different room.

I'll have all my meds with me and if we need anything Doyle can bring it to us, since he'll be commuting in.

So more packing for a longer stay,  Weiner Dog and Belladonna will be staying with our neighbor while Doyle is in the city during the day and come home with him in the evening.  I'm going to miss those precious dynamic duo, but they are use to it and our neighbor enjoys their antics.  

Sometimes because my family has said I'm to not do any heavy work that could aggravate my cold, I get bored, so besides writing to friends and family, reading, I do research, and I came across a lovely website that offers modern clothing done in the style of the 1920's and 1950's.

I will post a few examples here-----

The company is called ModCloth  their url is
Again I recommend reading the reviews on their clothing and such, and compare their size chart,  also they seem to run their length of skirts a bit shorter than I like but I have fallen for the third image down and plan to order it.
They do not appear to have a brick and mortar store it appears to be all on line, which is sad in a way as I do love to hold the garment up to me and try it on, but I understand their return policy is very good, so it should not be a problem. 
I will keep looking for other on line shops if you are interested in vintage styles and want to take it to a slightly Gothic turn. 
And now I must go, the repair man is here to see what is wrong with the refrigerator.
Later Darklings


  1. Just spent an hour browsing Modcloth :) lovely site, lovely dresses.

  2. Also if you don't already know about it...

    Things Deco has wonderful reproduction jewlry.