Monday, January 12, 2015

Of the Film Noir Festival, Shoes and shopping ~~~

Hello Darklings,

Well bit by bit I am getting better, but I am going to have to keep a large bag of cough drops to control my coughing,  but I am going to rest as much as possible this week, BECAUSE......

The San Francisco Film Noir Festival starts this Friday!!!!!!!!!!

You can tell I'm excited!!! 

And Doyle, sweet man that he is knew I was in no condition to get a full pass for two to the festival and so he purchased it for me and had made reservations for the weekend so that Sis and I could stay at a hotel in the City and not have to travel back and forth over the bridge.

Even now I'm packing my vintage Samsonite bags for that weekend with my selection of vintage clothing, yet Darklings, even with the residual effects of a cold I am going to be my elder aging Femme Fatal Gothic Best. 

But in between I'm resting,  I saw my Doctor earlier today and she said that I had avoided the problems of pneumonia and my lungs are clear, so it's just the cough and the sinuses.

Yes when one gets up there in age the cold and the flu are nothing to fool around with.

But it will be good for me, I was getting cabin fever just resting, reading, sleeping (a lot of sleeping), and taking my medicine and vitamins. 

And I've come across something for all you elder Goths and vintage Diva's,  at our age it is so hard to find comfortable, yet stylish shoes, especially for everyday wear and when you do get a pair you will wear them to death, get them re-heeled and re-soled (especially if you've got a good shoe repair man) and wear them to death again until it reaches a point where they cannot be resuscitated.

And I have had that happen more than once, really good vintage shoes I save for special occasions, but for everyday I have to hunt and hunt and be disappointed until I find a treasure and when I do I'll see if they have other's in my size in different colors.

Well my Elder Darklings no more.  

Finally Aerosol shoes are coming out with designs and styles that fit the bill as best as it can.

These are just two of the many styles they have and I purchased one of each style that you see above and they worked perfectly for me, so much so that I'm going to get them in other colors and this is because I've worn our my regular pairs of shoes that I use for every day wear.  And I do mean worn out.
I mean Darklings when your shoe repair man says "Sorry Ma'm there is nothing more we can do, the vamp is broken, the leather is worn through you're going to break your neck if you continue with this pair".   So what is a woman to do???  GO SHOPPING!!!
Now this may not the right style for most of you Darklings, but this company is on line and you can order direct, but do carefully read the reviews as well because not every woman's foot is the same, what works for me might not work for you but at least you can check it out.
To see what they have their web site is
I hope the link works.
But check them out Darklings and check their store locator as there might be a store near you.   I just found out that there is one just 25 minutes from me (when traffic is good) Poor Doyle is going to get bored when I'm well enough to take him shopping.  Or is it him taking me shopping?
Either way I am going to have fun once I'm pass this cough, so starting this Weekend Film Noir, "Agent Carter", Aerosol shoes, what is next?---A book sale, a Vintage fashion show?  I can hardly wait!!!
Later Darklings


  1. I hope you feel better soon and enjoy your weekend. These shoes are awesome! :)

    1. Oh I will and check out the website for the shoes!

  2. Oh, I love the shoes. I looked at the site and found two with slightly lower stacked heels that still have a vintage feel to them. Thanks so much for posting about these shoes. :)

    1. You are welcome! the minute I came across them I fell in love!!