Sunday, June 10, 2012

Updated Vera West Page~~~

And that my Darklings is it in a nutshell...

While I was at home in the evenings on weekends after work and all the banging and sawing, I'd been doing more research on Vera West, the costume designer whose clothing captured my interest.

I was surprised by how little was available on her, nothing like James Whale, except for a mention about her being inducted into the Costume Designer's Hall of Fame.

It is my hope that someday someone will research her life and her death and hopefully give us some clues as to the truth of her death.

I mean was it murder for hire? And by whom? A studio head? A famous film personality or someone connected to said personality? The husband?

But if it was sucide was it brought on by menopause, or a real blackmailer?

If anything Darklings, read my Vera West page, and draw your own conclusions.

Later, Darklings

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